Is Yellowstone’s The Crystal Bar a Real Bar in Bozeman, Montana?

The third episode of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ depicts Lloyd’s birthday celebrations. When the ranch hands play cards at the bunkhouse, Bethany “Beth” Dutton demands for a change and takes the group to The Crystal Bar in Bozeman, Montana. Ryan meets Abby, who is performing at the bar, and they dance together again. Beth’s idea to celebrate the night at the bar paves the way for severe consequences as she attacks a woman who hits on her husband Rip Wheeler. Since The Crystal Bar is an integral setting of the episode, we have found out whether it’s a real bar or an establishment created for the sake of the show. Here are our findings!

A Bozeman Gem: Unveiling the Real Crystal Bar

Yes, The Crystal Bar is a real bar in Bozeman, Montana. The bar is located at 123 E Main Street in the city of Bozeman. Established in 1933, the bar is seemingly one of the oldest bars in the region. The establishment also has a rooftop bar and restaurant, wheelchair accessibility, and is pet friendly. The neon lights inside the bar enhance the ambiance of the place and make it a perfect weekend spot for partying and any sort of performance.

The Crystal Bar is known for several attractions and one of the most famed ones has to be the renowned “Driving Licence Wall.” A part of one of the walls of the bar is dedicated to fake licenses, pasted on the same. The iconic bull skull logo of the establishment further adds to the distinctiveness of the place as well. With a billiards board in the middle, the customers are guaranteed to have a fun-filled time at the place.

As the show depicts, The Crystal Bar is also a home of music. Over the years, the bar has hosted Music on Main, a summer concert series that happens all around historic Downtown Bozeman. Several artists and bands like Tumbledown House, The Tom Cook Band, etc., have performed on the bar’s distinguished bandstand. By collaborating with ‘Yellowstone,’ The Crystal Bar also welcomed renowned country musician Lainey Wilson, who plays Abby in the show, to the bandstand as well.

The inclusion of local attractions of ‘Yellowstone’ makes the show more authentic and rooted in the reality the show is set in. By doing the same, the show is also promoting the attractions of the place that sets the stage for its narrative. It may not take long for The Crystal Bar to become a distinct ‘Yellowstone’ hub as well.

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