Will Kayce and Monica Break Up in Yellowstone Season 5? Will They Have Another Child?

The fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ ends with Kayce Dutton trying to find out the reason behind the appearance of the wolf, his spirit animal. After praying to discover the same without food or water, Kayce sees several visions. After he returns to his home and family, he lets his wife Monica Long Dutton that he saw their “end.” Ever since Kayce’s revelation about the “end,” the admirers of the endearing couple have been worrying about their relationship. The concerns must have increased when a tragedy hits the family in the fifth season. So, will they break up? Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Kayce and Monica Break Up?

The fourth season of the show follows Kayce’s attempts to recover his relationship with Monica and their son Tate Dutton by leaving Yellowstone. He moves to a new house with Monica and Tate and patiently awaits the arrival of his second child. But Kayce’s revelation that he saw the end of the couple raises concerns over the future of their togetherness. The “end” can be the end of their relationship, especially considering the presence of Avery in his life. In his visions, Kayce sees him kissing Avery. He must be believing that he will eventually become vulnerable to Avery’s feelings for him, which will affect his relationship with Monica.

In addition, Kayce may want to return to Yellowstone to join his father John Dutton. When he leaves the ranch, he tells John that he is not leaving permanently. Since he is expected to not break his word, he may return to Yellowstone, which may not be an ideal thing to do, especially when Monica is battling the trauma of losing her child. In the fifth season premiere, she gets into an accident and loses her second son. In the second episode of the season, she fights the pain of the same. Kayce can only witness the same helplessly since there is nothing he can do to pacify the suffering of his wife.

Monica’s trauma may distance her from Kayce, which may weaken the strength of their relationship. If Kayce cannot avoid returning to the ranch, they may even gradually drift away. Thus, Kayce needs to stick together with Monica regardless of her suffering if he wants to be with Monica forever. He may require to prioritize being with his wife irrespective of the deadly battles John is fighting against Market Equities. Furthermore, Kayce must have seen in his visions the need for separating himself from Monica and Tate to protect them. Monica and Tate’s lives get threatened in the third season finale only because they were staying at John’s ranch.

As the war for Yellowstone continues between John and Market Equities, every Dutton’s life is more or less threatened. Kayce’s visions must have made him realize that he should separate from Monica and Tate if he wants to see them survive without their lives threatened. Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce, had teased about the same in an interview. “I think the end, the whole point is you don’t know what it meant. Was it about them breaking up? Was it about them dying? We don’t know what ‘the end of us’ really meant. I think in season 5 there’s a little more clarity on what that was all about,” Grimes told ET Online.

Thus, the future of Kayce and Monica’s togetherness largely depends upon Kayce’s actions. If he can stay away from Avery’s feelings for him and John’s war to protect the Duttons’ ranch, he most likely will be able to protect his relationship with Monica as well.

Will Kayce and Monica Have Another Child?

When Monica loses her and Kayce’s second child due to the accident, Tate stoops to sadness. He shares his wish to have a brother with Kayce and asks his dad whether they will have another child. Kayce asks Monica the same. Although Kayce wants a second child, Monica may not be in a position to conceive again. After losing her son, she stoops to unbearable distress and the trauma of the same continues to haunt her even after getting discharged from the hospital.

As Kayce tells Tate, Monica loses a part of herself with the death of her second son and until she overcomes the same, she may not be ready to get pregnant again. Since Kayce is well aware of his wife’s hardships, it is extremely unlikely that he will push the subject of having another child to Monica. He is expected to support her while she tries to overcome her grief and getting pregnant again may only worsen her state since she will be fearing losing another child again. In addition, after an accident that nearly kills her, Monica may not be physically ready to conceive again.

Thus, we may not be seeing Kayce and Monica having another child anytime soon. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we may see Monica’s grief conquering her and Kayce trying to save her from the same.

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