Did Katherine Cunningham’s Christina Leave Yellowstone?

In the fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone,’ Jamie Dutton buys a new estate to live with his biological father Garrett Randall. He completely separates himself from his adoptive father John Dutton, the Dutton family, and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. His separation from John paves the way for Christina’s return to his life with their son. Jamie and Christina reunite and try to make their togetherness stronger in the second half of the fourth season of the show.

However, Christina doesn’t feature in the first and second episodes of the show’s fifth season. As Jamie’s life changes with John’s victory in the governor’s elections, we have tried to find out whether Katherine Cunningham is still a part of the show. Here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Christina?

Christina forms a bond with Jamie while she works as his assistant. Soon, their relationship becomes intimate but the same doesn’t last long as Christina eventually leaves him. In the second season of the show, Christina reaches out to Jamie and lets him know that she is pregnant with his child. She wants to start a new family with him but only if Jamie is ready to leave John and Yellowstone. Jamie decides to stay with his family, which makes Christina not return to his life with their baby. When Jamie comes to know that he is an adoptive Dutton and his biological father is Garrett Randall, he leaves Yellowstone and starts to live with Randall, unintentionally fulfilling Christina’s demand.

In the fifth episode of season 4, Christina returns to Jamie’s life with their son and they live with Randall. When John decides to be a candidate in the governor’s election, Christina motivates Jamie to compete against his adoptive father and gain authority over him. When she comes to know about Randall being a murderer, she also advises her partner to separate him from his life. Christina’s last appearance is in the ninth episode of the fourth season. Since then, the show hasn’t given any reason behind Christina’s absence. So, what happened to Katherine Cunningham? Did she leave the drama series? Let’s see.

Katherine Cunningham Has Most Likely Left Yellowstone

Although Paramount Network hasn’t officially announced the departure of Katherine Cunningham from ‘Yellowstone,’ the actress most likely did leave the show. On January 10, 2022, after the conclusion of the fourth season’s broadcast, Cunningham expressed her gratitude for being a part of season 4, which can be read as a goodbye note as well. “It was such a pleasure to be gifted the opportunity to work on Yellowstone Season 4. […] I usually do an appreciation post after a job. This appreciation post feels different because I wasn’t just going to work, my family and I were getting out of the city to live our lives again,” the actress shared.

Cunningham’s words indicate that Christina’s return in the fourth season was likely conceived as an arc for a few episodes. Connecting the same to Cunningham’s absence, it seems like the actress isn’t part of the show’s fifth season. “Honestly, I’m just grateful to have been in touch with such wonderful human beings during a scary time. Thank you Yellowstone and Taylor Sheridan for having us. Most of all, thank you to the fans for watching,” Cunningham added.

Even if Cunningham had left the show, we may see her again as Christina in the future since the character is seemingly alive. Christina may have left Jamie when she comes to know that he killed Randall to follow Bethany “Beth” Dutton’s orders. She must believe that Jamie hasn’t overcome his feelings for his adoptive family and he is still a part of the chaos that revolves around the Duttons.

If that’s not the case, Jamie must be trying to protect Christina and their son by making her stay far away from him so that his family wouldn’t need to pay for his actions. Whatever the reason behind Christina’s absence is, as long as she is alive, Cunningham may return to the show in the future.

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