Does Jamie Dutton Have a Child in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ is a complex and interconnected tale of family, love, and legacy. It revolves around the Duttons led by patriarch John Dutton who is trying to pass on his family’s legacy, the Yellowstone Ranch, onto the next generation. Since family and legacy are such a large part of the show, fans were shocked to learn that Jamie isn’t a Dutton by blood and is, in fact, adopted.

The revelation has raised all sorts of questions over the character and his future storylines. Viewers are also trying to figure out where Jamie’s child would fit into this complicated family tree. If you are tuning in to the show’s fourth season, you must be looking for answers in that regard, and we gathered all the details you need right here!

Does Jamie Dutton Have a Child in Yellowstone?

During the show’s second season, Jamie is running for the position of Montana Attorney General. Christina is assigned as his campaign manager, and the two grow close during this time. Their professional relationship turns personal, and the two start dating each other. However, Christiana is unaccepting of Jamie’s family members’ influence on his life. She does not like the treatment he receives from the Duttons and feels he is capable of becoming an independent man. Christina breaks up with Jamie but reveals that she is pregnant with his child. However, Jamie chooses his family over Christina and his unborn child.

For almost two seasons, fans wondered and theorized about what happened to Jamie’s child. The answer arrives in the fifth episode of season 4, with the surprising return of Christina. Moreover, she brings Jamie’s baby along. Christina is aware that Jamie has cut the Duttons out of his life and is making his own decisions now. Therefore, she allows Jamie to meet his son for the first time. The baby is still unnamed, and more importantly, it will be interesting to see what the second name he will carry.

So far in the series, Kayce’s son, Tate, is John’s only grandson. Despite differences with Kayce, it is John’s desire to spend time and get to know his grandson that brings the estranged father-son duo closer. In recent times, Jamie and John have also become somewhat estranged. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Jamie’s son will have a similar impact on John’s opinion of Jamie. Will the child bring Jamie closer to his adopted father? It is certainly possible based on what we know of John’s behavior.

However, at this point, Garrett is manipulating Jamie’s feelings, and it is quite possible that Jamie might end up giving his son his biological father’s last name, Randall. Moreover, the Dutton family name will undoubtedly draw the young child into conflict and harm’s way from time to time. Therefore, it might be beneficial to avoid the Dutton name. The question that remains is will the Duttons find out about a new member in their family, and more importantly will they accept Jamie’s son despite his father’s actions.

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