Who is Clara Brewer in Yellowstone? Who Plays Her?

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ begins with John Dutton winning the Governor’s election to become the “custodian” of the State of Montana. Although assuming a public office is the last thing John wants to do at his age, he does exactly the same to protect his Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the second episode of the season, the viewers are introduced to Clara Brewer, a new significant part of John’s political career. Since Clara also follows John to Yellowstone, admirers of the show must be eager to know more about her and the performer who plays her. Well, here’s everything we can share about Clara! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Clara Brewer?

Clara is John’s new assistant. She manages the new Montana Governor’s day-to-day activities and introduces John to his numerous duties and obligations. Since Bethany “Beth” Dutton becomes John’s new Chief of Staff, we can expect Clara to collaborate with Beth as well. Clara is obliged to tolerate John’s frustration with becoming a Governor without him really wanting to. We may see her unflinchingly standing beside John to make sure that the Governor doesn’t forget his commitments as he wages a war against Market Equities.

Since Clara is one of the four major characters introduced in the fifth season of the show, we can expect her to play a major role in the narrative of the show rather than being just an assistant. It will not even be a surprise if Clara becomes John’s love interest, especially considering the latter’s former relationship. John’s one-night stand with Summer Higgins makes it clear that he doesn’t mind sharing intimacy with considerably younger women. Since Clara is expected to share a major portion of her time with John, a sexual relationship between them cannot be ruled out.

In addition, Clara can be an integral part of John’s side in his war against Market Equities. In the second episode of season 5, she lets John know that she understands the hard work and dedication required to protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Her realization may make her John’s new ally. Clara’s amazement at seeing the captivating mountains and valleys of the land can be an early testament to how she may try to protect the same.

Who Plays Clara Brewer?

Lilli Kay, who is known for her performance in Bryan Cranston-starrer ‘Your Honor,’ plays Clara Brewer. In the Showtime series, Kay plays Sofia “Fia” Baxter, the daughter of a mob boss of an organized crime family. Kay also plays Penelope Fowler in Netflix’s horror seriesChambers,’ starring Uma Thurman. The actress also appears in CBS’ political series ‘Madam Secretary’ and Al Pacino-starrer ‘Paterno.’ Along with ‘Yellowstone,’ Kay is part of the cast of Sophia Castuera’s ‘August At Twenty-Two’ and George C. Wolfe’s ‘Rustin,’ starring Chris Rock and Jeffrey Wright.

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