Who Is Avery in Yellowstone? How Does She Know Kayce Dutton?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 is filled with surprises for the show’s fans, and some fan-favorite characters who we haven’t seen in a long time are making a return to our screens. One such character is Avery (Tanaya Beatty), who viewers meet again in the sixth episode of the fourth season. Avery’s return raises more questions than it provides answers, and we are sure viewers must be looking for some clarification about her sudden reintroduction. If you need a refresher about Avery’s story on the show so far, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Avery?

Avery first appears in the season one finale of ‘Yellowstone’ titled ‘The Unravelling: Part 2.’ In the episode, Rip recruits her as a ranch hand as there is a requirement of some fresh blood to do the physically intensive work. Although she doesn’t have much of an inclination towards ranching, Avery shows great conviction and proves to be a quick learner. Avery is the sole female rancher working for John, and after some time, gains the respect of her fellow male ranch hands. She also develops a connection with Jimmy in the second season.

However, before Jimmy and Avery can confront their romantic feelings for each other, Avery leaves the Yellowstone Ranch without giving any reason or explanation for the move. For a long time, fans of the series remained puzzled by Avery’s decision and came up with their own theories of why she suddenly disappeared from the series. As it turns out, actress Tanaya Beatty who plays Avery, was up for a part in a few films, and it is speculated that the ‘The 100‘ fame actress departed the series to pursue those roles. Therefore, Avery’s storyline was left unresolved.

How Does Avery Know Kayce?

The sixth episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 throws a curveball at the audience by suddenly reintroducing Avery in a surprising fashion. In the episode, a family living on the Broken Rock Reservation loses some of their horses to thieves. Chief Rainwater calls Kayce to investigate the matter, and when Kayce speaks to the family, he learns that Avery is living with them. It is clear from Kayce and Avery’s conversation that the two are acquainted, and it is evident because they both worked together at the Yellowstone Ranch.

The tone of Avery’s conversation with Kayce is borderline flirtatious and manages to make Monica jealous for a brief moment. The scene will remind viewers of Kayce’s previous interaction with Avery back in season 2 after he had momentarily broken up with Monica. While talking to Avery, Kayce remarks that he was wondering where she went, which appears to be a sly reference to the character’s sudden disappearance.

Nonetheless, fans now have a definitive answer about where Avery has been all this time, and we could see more of her in the coming episodes. The extent of Beatty’s involvement in the fourth season remains a tightly guarded secret, but her interaction with Kayce suggests we will be seeing more of her. Avery’s presence could cause some friction between Kayce and Monica as well. So fans should brace themselves for more drama in the remaining episodes of season 4.

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