Izzy Zapata: Where is the Perfect Match Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ focuses on forming connections and remaining loyal despite the game’s challenging format. Many strong contestants were determined to find love in the second season, but Izzy Zapata stood out. Assured in his ways and knowing what he wanted, his occasional goofiness only highlighted his honest and vulnerable side, making him even more endearing. He quickly secured a connection but faced challenges in maintaining it. Whether he managed to protect it or let it go does not matter because his honesty with himself and the game won the hearts of many fans.

Izzy Zapata Had a Huge Crush on Micah

Izzy Zapata, a former star of ‘Love is Blind’ season 5, had high expectations when he joined the second season of ‘Perfect Match.’ Upon seeing Micah among the contestants, he knew she was the first woman he wanted to approach, having had a long-standing crush on her. As the contestants began getting to know each other, Izzy tried to get comfortable with her but faced certain insecurities. He felt slightly older than the rest of the contestants and felt every other man around him was taller. He worried he might be unable to match his partner’s energy or be overlooked.

After a while, Izzy mustered the confidence to talk to Micah, but it did not go as planned. He spilled his drink and felt like he was coming off as a fanboy. The interaction could have been more comfortable, and Micah was not impressed. Disappointed with how things were going, Izzy gave it another chance and started a conversation with Tolú. They found themselves on a similar wavelength, and she appreciated his maturity and clear sense of what he wanted, seeing him as a potential stable partner.

Izzy and Tolú decided to match for the upcoming round, and although they did not win, they enjoyed having fun together. Other contestants noticed the growing bond between Izzy and Tolú, so when the winners of the first round were given a chance to send two people on dates with new partners, they chose Tolú. On her date, she had a great time and felt a spark and passion she realized was missing with Izzy. When Izzy saw her with her new partner, he knew his chances were diminishing and felt threatened since two men were going home.

In response, Izzy tried conversing with Micah again, but it did not lead anywhere. Tolú was torn because she appreciated the stability and surety she felt with Izzy and imagined what a more extended connection with him could be like beyond the season. However, she decided to follow her heart and chose her new partner. Izzy, unable to secure a new match, had to go home. He acknowledged that something had been lacking in his approach and was not too disappointed with his eviction.

Izzy Zapata Works With Luxury Fashion Brands Today

In addition to being a reality TV star with over 202k followers on Instagram, Izzy Zapata has also been seen on shows like ‘The Grindhouse Radio’ and was a part of the video game, ‘The Last of Us Part II Remastered.’ He is an influential public figure and leverages his digital platform to promote his Cameo account, ensuring he stays connected with his fans. Izzy is also a notable fashion influencer known for his sharp aesthetics and savvy suits. His collaborations with designers like Adam Ross and photographers like Valentina Li enhance his likability and presentability. Furthermore, he uses his voice to recommend resorts and restaurants, such as Eden House Key West and Hilton Americas, contributing to their branding efforts.

Izzy is closely associated with Melin, a headwear brand he frequently sports and promotes. A proud resident of Houston, Texas, he has collaborated with the Houston Texans, helping to promote their merchandise as well. He has spoken openly about his use of Botox, aiming to reduce the taboos and myths surrounding beauty treatments and normalize beauty standards. An outdoor enthusiast, Izzy enjoys playing golf and skiing. His trips to destinations like Destin in Florida, Baltimore, and Colorado showcase his fun-loving and adventurous spirit.

Izzy Zapata Seems to be in a Happy Relationship

When Izzy’s time on ‘Love is Blind’ season 5 ended, he shared that he was no longer continuing his relationship with Stacy Snyder. Soon after, he began posting pictures with his new girlfriend, Shelby Webb, even showcasing their matching tattoos. Izzy met Shelby in a cooking class and they quickly fell for each other. She serves as a Surgical First Assist and the two of them are spending a lot of time together. The two of them appear on the ‘Happily Ever Banter’ podcast and their trips to the farm or the beach has only made their bind stronger. Be it attending sports events together or having fancy dinners, the only thing that is apparent is that the two of them are madly in love.

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