Are Jackie and Marshall From Love is Blind Still Together?

With unparalleled romance, sheer drama, intense vulnerability, and complicated emotions at every step of the way, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is indeed a reality dating production unlike any other. After all, it lives up to its title in every way imaginable by revolving around a group of hopeful singles as they meet, mingle, fall in love, and get engaged without ever setting eyes on one another. Amongst them in season 4 were none other than Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze — so now, if you wish to learn more about them as well as their current standing, we’ve got you covered.

Jackelina and Marshall’s Love is Blind Journey

Although 26-year-old Jackelina initially came across as a little standoffish and strongminded, her time in the pods actually made it quite clear she can be equally thoughtful, warm, and vulnerable. The truth is the Dental Assistant’s initial attraction was toward three men; Joshua “JP” Schultz, Joshua “Josh” Demas, as well as Marshall Glaze, but it gradually fizzled down to only the latter two. “Josh checks off all the boxes,” she candidly said at one point in the original, “[whereas] Marshall is a great person. They’re neck and neck right now… I love them both. We both vibe so well.”

Jackelina even added, “Marshall is sensitive. Marshall is smooth. He’s sentimental, he’s so calm and giving; the opposite energy of what I am… [On the other hand] Josh is like a smack talker. Josh is on the same level as me. His vibe is just, like, strong and masculine and tough. We’re in the ring right now; we got Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson, but we just don’t know who’s gonna win it first.” She thus continued her conversations with both, only to soon realize the former brought out a much different side of her than she ever expected, as he wasn’t afraid to get personal from the get-go.

The fact Jackelina already had a connection with the name Marshall since she’d given it to her Roomba long ago, plus his ability to unwaveringly express himself, played a crucial role in all this. However, the real turning point for her was when they were discussing their upbringing and their wish to be gentle parents one day because she saw his authenticity in every sense of the term. Their thinking definitely matched, yet it was the way he spoke of his familial trauma and his handling of the same that won her over, making her state she was ready to pick him over everyone else.

“I came in here stonewalled, hard,” Jacklina then admitted while holding back tears. “In this pod, Marshall on the other side, he’s getting all of me and the real me. The me I don’t tell nobody. That’s a walking quality man right there.” But alas, they couldn’t immediately become exclusive owing to Josh claiming he’d immediately leave if she didn’t choose him, driving her to hold back her truth as she didn’t want to shatter his heart. That’s when the 26-year-old Marketing Manager took matters into his own hands to make it clear she was his, resulting in the duo not just getting together but also getting engaged.

Are Jackelina and Marshall Still Together?

Jackelina and Marshall’s first face-to-face meeting was honestly full of everything you’d expect from this couple, making it clear the bond they’d built behind the wall was as genuine as it could be. Their experiences together during the ensuing Mexico getaway further proved the same, especially as they managed to continue growing their emotional, physical, and sexual compatibility. The fact he calmly consoled her instead of walking out, like he admittedly often did in past relationships, when she got overwhelmed with the thoughts of the real world further proved the level of affection they held.

Yet everything changed once Jackelina and Marshall actually returned to Seattle and moved in together for the next intense phase of the social experiment — they just couldn’t handle it. Although the latter tried his best to remain calm, the former’s lack of relationship experience caused a lot of trouble as it essentially sparked communication as well as understanding issues. Not only could they not see eye to eye on any matter, but then Joshua “Josh” Demas also came back into the picture in an effort to win Jackelina over for good, causing further drama.

Therefore, from what we can tell through their active social media platforms, it does not appear as if Jackelina and Marshall were able to make things work between them. The complications of reality, third-party interferences, as well as their demanding careers seemingly all affected their connection in a negative manner, driving them to part ways for good. The truth is neither the Dental Assistant nor the Marketing Manager/Creative Artist has confirmed or denied their status as of writing, yet the fact they don’t even follow one another on Instagram says a lot.

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