Jade and Ben From Ex on the Beach: Here’s All We Know

MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach Couples’ is a spin-off of the original ‘Ex on the Beach‘ reality dating show. Throughout the series, we watch six couples with a third wheel, and that’s one of their exes who’s here to rekindle their old relationship. The couples must traverse multiple challenges and decide if they’ll ultimately get engaged or call it quits.

Ben Salmon and Jade Croft are one such couple who have shown the courage to work out their differences on a TV show. Their problem isn’t the most outlandish, which is precisely why their dynamics might be most relatable for the viewers. For the ones who loved their personas and want to learn more about these novice TV stars, here’s all that you’ll need to know.

Everything We Know About Jade Croft

Jade comes from Sydney, Australia, and during the show’s filming, she was 26 years old. She is the founder of ‘Lana & Co Designs’ a sustainable swimwear brand with products designed in Indonesia. Environment and eco-friendliness are the priority of her business, and it seems like a passion project because she has been working on it since August 2021, and it finally went live in June 2022. That’s almost one year of sheer hard work and dedication. She also works at a bar while managing her swimwear line, but it doesn’t stop her from having fun.

Jade has traveled to most tourist hot spots around the world, striking the perfect work-life balance with the same amount of hard work and leisure. However, her boyfriend, Ben, seldom visits her workplace and goes to a bar where his ex, Kellie, works. He does this every week and argues that it’s just for hanging out with his friends. But Jade doesn’t buy this and is quite suspicious of her beau’s actions. After sharing their first kiss, Jade felt like Ben was her soulmate but couldn’t let her guard down due to his actions.

Everything We Know About Ben Salmon

Ben also resides in Sydney, Australia, and is a businessman by occupation. He went to Tendring Technology College and previously worked at Costa Logistics and Fresh Air Fund. As per reports, he is now employed at Coles, a retail company. His hometown is Clacton-on-Sea, a seaside town in Essex, England. Around 2013, Ben used to play competitive football, and he was or perhaps still is an Arsenal (Football Club) fanboy. He was enthusiastic about sports and athletics and chased the thrill by skydiving, skiing, or attending music festivals.

He’s still young at heart and is motivated enough to map out his whole future. Ben’s girlfriend, Jade, is integral to the next phase in his life, and he wishes to get engaged to her. However, his current ties with Kellie, his ex, are holding down his relationship like an anchor. He met Kellie at the same bar that he frequently visits. She broke up with him because things were getting too serious, according to her, but now she regrets the decision and has her eyes set on Ben.

Naturally, this fiasco makes Jade second-guess her relationship. To win her trust and eliminate any sense of jealousy or insecurity within her, Ben will have to work ardently and prove his love towards her without being swayed by Kellie. We truly hope that the season ends with their engagement announcement and the couple takes a walk down the aisle after sorting out their differences.

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