Jade and Chris From Love During Lockup: All We Know About Them

Image Credit: Jade Chipps/Instagram

Amid the strict boundaries that prevent couples from exploring the extent of their connection, ‘Love During Lockup’ chronicles the story of felons and their partner. With the decisive difference that demarcates several limitations, the partners find themselves overcoming a number of challenges in order to keep their relationship strong. Season 5 of the reality television show features the highs and lows of couples who wholeheartedly devote themselves to each other, even in the face of roadblocks. Chris and Jade Chipps are one of the duos who have made people curious. So, if you also want to learn more about the reality stars, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Jade and Chris’ Age and Background

Unfettered by the challenges thrown at her, 33-year-old Jade Chipps’ journey to success didn’t come all at once. After getting her relevant experience from the flight training center, Jade went on to carve a niche for herself in the aerial industry. As for the 40-year-old inmate currently placed in a penitentiary at the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield, South Dakota, Chris’ early life was filled with travails. The quarter American Indian with an absentee father was ultimately diagnosed with anxiety and borderline personality disorder. These issues eventually led him to get involved in drugs, and he spent time in and out of juvenile detention as well.

Jade and Chris’ Professional Timeline

Once an adult, Chris became involved in a life of crime that eventually led to his 30-year-old prison sentence. After accruing a rap sheet of burglary, drug possession, methamphetamine use, and impaired driving, the final straw broke when he committed a burglary and identity theft. In 2014, the reality star was convicted by a jury on one count of second-degree burglary and four counts of identity theft, breaking in and stealing credit cards.

The stolen items had belonged to a woman diagnosed with Leukemia, and Chris had also stolen some of her experimental medications as well. Despite the ill will that propelled him to carry out such crimes, Chris later embarked on a path to redemption. In 2016, the star donated $5000 to a family of a young girl whose medical issues had taken a financial toll on her family. After reading about the travesty of the family in the newspaper, the inmate ultimately carried out an act of altruism.

Even though his incarceration limits his professional feat, Chris’ involvement and membership with the Mdewakanton Indian Tribe in Prairie Island means that the reality star receives a share of the sum from the venerated Treasure Island Resort and Casino located in Minnesota. Chris is also a digital content creator. On the other hand, Jade, who had left behind her career as a flight attendant to pursue TikTok and social media full time, first got a brush of hardship when she had to bear the harsh criticism of fans and other people on the internet for sharing videos of her and Chris. After Jade received backlash for posting content on Chris and the nature of their relationship, the reality star temporarily deleted her online presence to preserve her peace of mind.

Chris and Jade Are Still United and Thriving

Nevertheless, despite the odds thrown their way, Chris and Jade have continued to grow strong. After connecting with each other through the Pen Pal Page program, the duo quickly realized that they shared a true connection. Within a few months, their relationship grew, and the couple tied the knot in 2018. Since then, the father of three and Jade have persevered despite the physical distance and endless boundaries that curtail their communication and connection.

From buying and flipping a house to getting a barrage of vehicles, they have made a number of milestones in their relationship despite the limitations that keep them apart. Naturally, Jade and Chris look forward to their relationship once Chris is out on parole supervision. The couple also looks forward to starting their family. As such, we hope they continue to make more progress!

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