James “Wyatt” Black From Alone: Here’s All We Know About Him

History Channel’s ‘Alone‘ takes survivalism to the next level as it drops off ten expert survivalists in the wild with just a few items of their choice. From then on, the contestants have to use their experience, talent, and expertise to battle dangerous predators, natural calamities, and any other challenges mother nature decides to throw their way. Even though the contestants can choose to drop off and call for rescue if the going gets tough, the one who manages to survive for the most number of days is crowned the winner. Season 10 of ‘Alone’ introduced us to several survivalists, including Bracebridge, Ontario, resident James “Wyatt” Black. Well, let’s dive in and find out everything there is to know about James, shall we?

Scottish-Irish-English Roots: James Black’s Ethnicity

Born to Wayne and Patricia Black, James Black is proud of his Scottish, Irish, and English descent. Although the 50-year-old survivalist is a native of Barrie, Ontario, his parents moved to New Lowell soon after his birth and stayed there for around nine months. Later, they bought a marina in Dorset on the Lake of Bays, and this is where James grew up alongside his younger siblings, Warren, Samantha, and Yevette.

From his younger days, James was aware of how his forefathers loved leading an active life and were expert hunters, fishermen, and general outdoorsmen. Hence, as soon as he learned to handle himself in the wilderness, James began accompanying his family on hunts, hikes, and fishing trips. In fact, while his loved ones were the first to show him the ropes of survival, James later mentioned how these constituted some of his best childhood memories.

Living an active life in Dorset had another positive, as James managed to get in touch with several renowned trappers, including Old Lorne Greenaway. Naturally, once these trappers realized James’s drive and intent to learn as much as he could, they were more than happy to share their knowledge and stories with him. To this day, James dedicates his success as a survivalist to these people and remains indebted for their contributions to his life.

James “Wyatt” Black’s Profession

Unlike most of his co-contestants, James “Wyatt” Black does not earn a living as a survivalist or a trapper. Instead, the Georgian College alum always dreamt of starting his own business and was hugely interested in the field of home renovation and interior design. Hence, after graduating college, James established his own company, Maple Creek Renovations LLC, which is currently based out of Bracebridge, Ontario.

From the looks of it, James offers several renovation and remodeling services through his company and tries his best to satisfy his clients. Readers will also be glad to know that Maple Creek Renovations LLC’s social media page contains tons of positive reviews from happy customers, and James has earned quite a bit of success as an entrepreneur. On top of it, he also coaches minor league baseball on the side and is always ready to help others in the community.

Wyatt Black’s Family Life with Wife and Sons in Bracebridge

We are happy to report that James “Wyatt” Black is happily married to his longtime sweetheart, Michelle. Interestingly, the two met when they were in high school together, and she has been beside him through thick and thin. Naturally, James believes Michelle is responsible for much of his success and even claimed that establishing his company would not have been possible without his wife’s constant support.

James and Michelle also share two wonderful boys, Andrew and Evan, and the family has built a happy life for themselves in Bracebridge. Besides, while Andrew and Evan appear interested in following their father’s footprints, James insisted that he loves sharing his survival knowledge and stories with his children.

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