Jason Chambers: Below Deck Down Under Star Was a Married Man Once

As an assertive yet charming “yachtie,” Jason Chambers has undeniably won the heart of nearly every reality fan ever since Bravo’s ‘Below Deck: Down Under‘ premiered back in 2022. That’s because he not only has a great personality but also the innate skills to manage his position as Captain without compromising on any of the fun for himself, the crew, or the passengers. So now, if you wish to learn more about Jason — with a specific focus on his general background, career trajectory, and love life — we’ve got all the details for you!

Jason Chambers Was Born in Australia

Born in the wondrous capital city of Canberra, Australia, on November 10, 1984, Jason was relatively young when he developed a rather outdoorsy, adventurous streak owing to his surroundings. He was then ostensibly supported by his family at every step of the way, yet we don’t know much regarding this aspect because he prefers to keep them away from the limelight for privacy reasons. In fact, all we could gather is that the 38-year-old is quite close to an elderly lady named Beverley Chambers, but we can’t be sure of their precise relationship since he has never publicly clarified the same.

Jason Chambers’ Professional Timeline

One of the primary reasons Jason has almost always had a seemingly strong support system in his loved ones is that he has luckily been able to follow his dreams from the literal get-go. After all, he was merely 15-16 when he first landed a proper job on a yacht, to gradually rise the ranks until he became a full-fledged Captain chartering vessels across the different seas. It thus comes as no surprise the Australian native has happily resided in a myriad of places worldwide, which has even enabled him to establish a small resort in Ocam Ocam, Philippines.

Returning to Jason’s water cruising, he served a few years at an Asia-based firm called Yacht Pursuit to helm private crafts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean following his hiring in 2018. But now, upon careful consideration of his growth and stability, he has evolved into a reality star/thriving Captain voyaging through the Queensland coast for ‘Below Deck: Down Under.’ However, Jason did not make this massive jump without talking to one of his excellent friends, former ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ cast member Hannah Ferrier (Chief Stew throughout seasons 1 to 5).

“[The ‘Below Deck’ producers] reached out to me on a recommendation from some of my friends,” Jason once said. “I thought it was a bit of a joke at the start, but the more I looked into it, and the more I spoke to the franchise, I was overwhelmed at how nice and accommodating they were… When they told me they were going to Australia, I was like, ‘Come on, I’m here. Let’s do it.’… [Hannah] was probably the one that made me sign on to do this show. I reached out to her about the conversations I had with the production team, and she told me: ‘You’re a great fit for it. Just be yourself and just go and have fun.’ That’s what I like to do, and I think I’ve done that.”

Jason Chambers’ Relationships and Kids

Although Jason, AKA “Captain Cutie,” appears to be single at the moment, he has had his fair share of romantic involvements over the years, with the most prominent being his marriage. As per his own narrative in season 1 episode 3 of the show, he had tied the knot with someone in his twenties, yet its failure has driven him to the point he no longer knows if he’s even the marrying type. Though Jason has admitted he’s open to going as far as to date one of his Stews if it feels right, his main priority will remain to hustle for his family, especially his daughter Saskia.

Saskia was reportedly born in Spain around the mid-2010s, but she currently leads a happy life in Ocam Ocam, Philippines, under the care of her mother (and father, whenever he isn’t yachting). You can check out Jason’s Instagram profile to see how much of a proud dad he is, particularly as he never hesitates to show off the bond he shares with his adorable little girl, as seen above.

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