Tzarina Mace-Ralph From Below Deck Down Under: Everything We Know

As a brunette beauty whose passion shines through in nearly everything she does, Tzarina Mace-Ralph can reportedly only be described as equal parts earnest, hardworking, and resilient. Thus, it is no surprise that her joining the cast of Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Down Under‘ season 2 has raised much interest in her experiences, career trajectory, and love life. So now that it’s clear this chef will remain aboard the luxury Northern Sun superyacht as it sails across Queensland’s coast for a while, let’s find out details regarding the same, shall we?

Tzarina Mace-Ralph’s Age and Background

Although born into a seemingly ordinary household surrounded by loved ones in Bristol, England, on April 13, 1992, Tzarina has preferred keeping her family well away from the spotlight. Though we do know she has managed to maintain a bond with them, as evidenced by their staying in touch through social media, even if she has not publicly specified any precise relations. In others, unfortunately, we don’t know much about the 31-year-old’s early years, upbringing, or parents-siblings except that she has ostensibly always had a support system.

Tzarina Mace-Ralph’s Profession

The reason it is believed Tzarina has had a relatively unwavering support system is that she’s one of those lucky individuals who has followed her dreams from the get-go. After all, she purportedly enrolled in culinary school without any significant issues shortly after graduating high school in 2010 to ensure her early-developed interest in food could really come to light. Tzarina hence sincerely honed her skills, only for them to soon reach such an extent she could easily step foot into the competitive world of professional cooking before quickly rising the ladder.

Though since Tzarina’s main passion after cooking is admittedly meeting new individuals under utterly unique circumstances while also traveling, she ultimately decided to evolve into a yacht chef. According to Bravo, it was around the late 2010s when she made this choice for good, meaning she joined the crew of Northern Sun with four years of successful cruising experience under her belt. Plus, we should mention this world explorer recently revealed if she’s ever not in the kitchen, you’ll undoubtedly find her either sleeping, watching movies, or gossiping with other crew members.

Is Tzarina Mace-Ralph Dating Anyone?

If we’re being honest, Tzarina’s online standing makes it appear that she is not seriously romantically involved with anyone at the moment. However, because she keeps her private life on the down, she may be simply keeping her partner away from prying eyes until she’s sure they’ll last. Yet again, since Tzarina hasn’t explicitly confirmed or denied anything concerning her relationship status as of writing, we’re assuming she’s happily single. Though the tattoo enthusiast did candidly tell Bravo that if she’s dating, that person is the one she misses the most while traveling for work.

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