Jawan Ending and Post-Credits Scene, Explained

Directed by visionary director Atlee, ‘Jawan’ is a 2023 action-thriller starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Nayantara, Vijay Sethupathi, Riddhi Dogra, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Grover, Sanya Malhotra, and more. In this gripping thriller, we delve into a world where the very fabric of society is fraying at the seams, torn asunder by the corrosive claws of corruption. We bear witness to the story of a nation trapped in the suffocating grip of capitalism, an insatiable monster voraciously devouring the dreams of the destitute. We witness the stark juxtaposition of wealth, where opulence knows no bounds, and poverty is a relentless shadow stalking the lives of the dispossessed.

The film takes us on a visceral journey, painting a vivid portrait of the affluent amassing riches while the underprivileged find themselves grappling with the daily battle of making ends meet. Amidst this maelstrom of despair and inequality, Azad (Shah Rukh Khan) emerges as both a beacon of hope and a harbinger of change. Driven by a sense of duty and a promise, Azad seizes the mantle of responsibility and arms himself, not just with weapons but with a burning desire to rouse the nation from its slumber. If you’re curious to see what challenges Azad and his team face in their mission, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Jawan.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Jawan Movie Plot Synopsis

The movie begins with Vikram Rathore (Shah Rukh Khan) and his band of female misfits hijacking a metro train and holding the passengers hostage. Vikram wants to make a clear statement and reveals that he’ll only release the hostages if he is paid 40,000 crore in a secured account. Kalee (Vijay Sethupathi) is a highly celebrated and influential businessman who also has his daughter on the train. To save his daughter’s life, Kalee pays the ransom. However, Vikram makes his intention clear to everyone who believes he is a petty thief, exploiting people to make money. Vikram reveals to the passengers that the government is corrupt and working for those with deep pockets. The government’s decision to pardon Kalee’s loan amount became a curse for the lower-working-class farmers of the country.

To reimburse the amount, the banks began exploiting low-wage farmers, confiscating their lands and whatever was left with them. Kalki’s father (Omkar Das Manikpuri) was one such unfortunate soul who was beaten and humiliated. The banks confiscated his tractor and stripped him of his clothes and dignity. Eventually, he hanged himself so his wife (Smita Tambe) could pay their daughter’s fees with the compensation money offered by the system. Even after his death, the system still exploited his family for interest amount. They stripped whatever things of value they could find from his wife’s body, including her Mangal Sutra. His daughter, Kalki (Lehar Khan), finally had enough and picked up arms to protect herself and her family’s dignity. She attacked the bank officials and was thrown in jail to rot.  

The government dispatched a special task force under Narmada (Nayantara) to contain the terrorists. But Vikram has planned everything to the last minute. He paints the train’s windows so the task force can’t see inside. With no visibility inside the train, the task force had no choice but to stand down. Vikram releases hostages and utilizes the ensuing chaos to blend into the crowd and disappear. Narmada tried to freeze the account, but the money was already debited and was used to pay the loan of 7 million farmers. Vikram also leaves a message for Kalee, and the loss of expression on his face implies that he shares some sordid history with Vikram Rathore. 

Everyone on Vikram’s team is innocent and is rotting inside a prison for the crimes they haven’t committed. Vikram, who goes by the name Azad, is a jailer who controls and oversees the prison they’re in. Meanwhile, Narmada is trying everything she can to apprehend Vikram and his team. Fortunately for her, fate pins her against the most wanted man in the country. However, Narmada fails to realize that Azad is the man she’s looking for. Narmada was hoping to marry, and after seeing that Azad could be a great father to her daughter, she exchanged rings. Azad was also very fond of Narmada’s daughter and wanted to give her the love he never received. 

For his next mission, Azad (in the guise of Vikram Rathore) sets his sights on the corrupt health minister, who for years has conned people with his false promises. Rather than actually doing anything of value, the minister likes to give hour-long speeches bragging about his achievements. He even advises his staff that if he’s ever shot, take him to the government hospital, not a private one. Little did he know, Vikram Rathore was about to make his wish come true. Azad shoots the minister, abducts him, and takes him to a nearby government hospital to see if government hospitals have all the equipment to save a minister’s life. Azad also live streams the event to show the world how bad the conditions of government hospitals are. Moreover, he also wants to uncover a truth that was buried in the same hospital years ago.

On Azad’s demands, George (health secretary) is forced to set up a media conference to reveal the truth. Geroge reveals that years ago, more than 50 children suffering from Japanese Encephalitis died because of the lack of oxygen cylinders. Doctor Eeram (Sanya Malhotra), who was posted at the hospital, tried everything in her power but it was all in vain. Those people sitting at the top valued money more than the lives of children. The doctor eventually manages to secure the cylinders, but it is too late, as all the kids have succumbed. Dr Eeram tries to lodge a complaint against those responsible, but those with power turn the case around and frame her for killing those children. She was thrown in prison with double life imprisonment and without any possibility of parole. Azad also provides Narmada with a list of 10 government hospitals and demands that she delivers all the necessary equipment within 5 hours, or else the minister will die. What would’ve usually taken 10-20 years was accomplished in just 5 hours, thanks to Azad and his unconventional means.

As a final request, Azad demands a chopper, but they are intercepted by Narmada and her task force. Chaos ensues, but Azad and his team emerge victorious. However, Narmada manages to snatch his face mask before he can leave. She orders her associate Irani (Sunil Grover) to use Vikram’s sketch as a reference and find people with any similarities. With that order in effect, she leaves to get married to Azad in a holy matrimony. Azad decides to come clean to Narmada, but before he can do that, the latter learns of his true identity. Narmada shoots Azad, but they’re attacked and abducted by Kalee’s men. Believing they’re in on it, Kalee’s brother shoots Narmada. Fortunately, the rest of the squad intervenes, including the real Vikram Rathore, confirming Shah Rukh Khan’s double role.

Meanwhile, Kalee travels to Russia and reveals his master plan to various criminal industrialists. He offers them a golden opportunity to start their factories in the country and exploit the Indian land, water, and air by using any means possible. However, he needs to rig the upcoming election to place his pawn in power. Kalee invests 20 percent and seeks help for the rest of the amount. A wealthy businessman agrees to back up his plan but warns him of the fallout if his plan fails. Back in India, Narmada places herself in jail with Azad’s team and learns what ties Azad and Vikram Rathore together.

Jawan Ending: What is the Connection Between Azad and Vikram Rathore?

The story dates back decades when Vikram, an army officer, fell in love with a commoner named Aishwarya (Deepika Padukone). Vikram is dispatched on a dangerous mission to rescue his fellow officers who are being held hostage by terrorists. The mission was a success, but he lost half his team due to faulty weapons. He lodges a complaint against the gun manufacturer and criticizes that his men died because of faulty MI436 guns, which were supplied by Mr Kalee. Kalee, as a fallout of the complaint, lost the government contracts. Furious, he decides to exact revenge and attacks Vikram and his wife.

Kalee also lodges a false case against Vikram and forces his wife to admit to everything. Aishwarya retaliates and kills the corrupt officers, and is thrown in jail. Aishwarya was about to be hanged, but the process was postponed after it was discovered that she was with a child. As for Vikram, he is shot by Kalee and tossed out of the helicopter. Nine months later, Aishwarya gave birth to a boy who later grew up to be Azad. Sadly, Aish is hanged after five years, but before she dies, she makes Azad promise that he’ll prove to the world that his father was a patriot, not a traitor. Later, Kaveri (Riddhi Dogra) adopted Azad, and a decade later, he came back as a Jailer and assembled a team to bring his wrongdoers to justice.

Azad gains consciousness and learns that his father, Vikram, has lost his memories due to his injuries. However, Vikram promises to help Azad in his mission any way he can. Meanwhile, Narmada is called for interrogation with Azad’s squad and learns that his associate is a traitor and has been working for Kalee this entire time. Irani also sends Narmada’s daughter to Kalee. However, Vikram intercepts the convoy and rescues the girl while Azad attacks and takes control of the prison. Unfortunately, Lakshmi (Priyamani) is killed, but Azad gains a new member in the form of Narmada. As a final nail in the coffin, Azad and the squad plan to intercept Kalee’s cash convoy, which he will use to rig elections. The chase begins, and Azad is able to seize the entire cash convoy. However, Kalee’s men retaliate and capture Rathore and his special-ops squad. At this point, Kalee discovers that Vikram and Rathore are two different people and are working together to cripple his empire.

Meanwhile, Azad goes live and reveals that he had taken control of the prison and had taken all the prisoners hostage. Madhavan Naik (Sanjay Dutt) arrives at the prison and dispatches 100 commandoes to kill Azad. However, Azad has assembled an entire army inside, forcing Naik and his men to push back and strategize. Azad also captured 9 million EVM machines and demanded the government cease 53 dangerous factories that produce lethal products. With no choice left, the government agrees to Azad’s demands. As a final step, Vikram reveals to the nation that he’s Azad and is doing this to prove his father’s innocence.

Azad reveals his real face and urges the countrymen to think twice before granting any corrupt politician the chair. Azad ends his stream and, as promised, releases all the EVM machines to government organizations. Unfortunately, Kalee enters the jail via a secret entrance and holds everyone at gunpoint. He interrogates Azad and Vikram for the location of his money. But to his surprise, Rathore regains his memories and defeats Kalee and his goons. The father-son duo drags Kalee to a hanging room and hangs him while he pleads for mercy. All his pleas fall on Vikram’s deaf ears, and he pulls the lever, sending Kalee to his death. 

Jawan’s Post-Credit Scene Meaning

The film’s post-credit scenes appear right after the credits have rolled. The post-credit scenes revealed that Madavan Naik ( Sanjay Dutt) was part of Azad’s team all along. He was the one who supplied Azad with critical information, including the route that Kalee would be using to transport his money. He had willingly dispatched 100 commandoes to infiltrate the prison to show that Azad had assembled an army inside, and any retaliation would end up in a blood bath. In the post-credit scenes, he offers Azad an encrypted hard drive, saying he needs to go to Switzerland for his next mission. This could be taken as a possible hint for a sequel where the father-son duo goes international and takes on corruption on a much higher level. 

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