Jenicio Adame From Tex Mex Motors: Here’s All We Know About Him

Image Credit: Jenicio Adame/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors‘ features some of the best car experts in the US who have banded together to make their latest venture profitable. As they bring in classic cars and restore them to glory, their sales skyrocket, but there are inevitable hiccups along the way that they have to face while having each other’s backs. One crucial team member whose eagerness to learn made him a fan favorite is Jenicio Adame. His presence in the reality show certainly was appreciated, and if you are one of his fans eager to learn more about him, we are here to explore the same!

Jenicio Adame: El Paso’s Car Enthusiast

An El Paso, Texas native, Jenicio and his father, Gilbert, share a passion for cars and everything related to the field. The two often attend local events that celebrate the culture of classic cars and usually try to make the best deals possible. As evident in the show, Jenicio is a team player who is always happy to help others and never backs down from new challenges. His ability to mesh well with others certainly was a huge asset when the time came for him to carve a place for himself with the highly experienced car experts. From a young age, Jenicio has been interested in cars though he was once also an avid video game player.

Jenicio Adame’s Profession

Along with his father, Jenicio is the proud owner of Car Crafters, an automobile restoration establishment that offers body repair services for classic car models and is well respected for its work. August 2022 marked his end with the first phase of his partnership with his Netflix cast members, and the group made a profit of over 300 thousand dollars.

While working for them as a Rookie, Jenicio learned much about painting from Mike Coy and even offered suggestions regarding which place certain cars could be sold quickly to make a quick and big profit. His father provided his help numerous times in the show, whether by arranging a vehicle for the group to transport their newly acquired vehicles or by helping them navigate the local waters. Though focused on the hand on work involved with car restoration, Jenicio is also hopeful about building his internet following where he can post car-related content.

Jenicio Adame is Likely Not Dating Anyone

As of writing, it does not seem like Jenicio is dating anyone. However, he did mention being a father in the show, and as it turns out, the Netflix star is indeed a proud father of Daniel Izea Adame, born in October 2016. Seemingly splitting the custody of his child, Jenicio’s world seems to revolve around his son, as the on-screen rookie often showers his son with love and affection on social media, indicating a strong relationship between them. In September 2022, Jenicio shared an ultrasound video of a baby still in the womb, indicating that the reality TV star was maybe expecting another child. We wish Jenicio and his loved ones the best and hope they all have a fantastic future.

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