Jennifer Sarchie: Where is Ralph Sarchie’s Wife Now?

Jennifer “Jen” Sarchie is the wife of NYPD officer Ralph Sarchie in Scott Derrickson’s horror filmDeliver Us from Evil.’ While Ralph immerses himself in his work as a police officer, Jen takes care of their daughter Christina. Their troubled marriage gets more complicated when Ralph gets connected to a case that involves a possessed Marine veteran named Mick Santino. Jen and Ralph’s life together, as the film depicts, was “stormy” in reality, as per the latter’s book ‘Beware the Night.’ Intrigued by Jen’s life in the film, we have dived into her current whereabouts. Here’s what we can share about the same!

Jennifer’s Life with Ralph

Ralph met Jennifer for the first time at a Queens bar named Kate Cassidy’s. Since he was on a date with someone else, he couldn’t talk to the woman who made an impression on him. However, it didn’t take him long to see her for the second time. “I guess you could say it was love at first sight — or second sight,” Ralph wrote in ‘Beware the Night,’ the source text of the film. “Once we got to talking, I discovered I’d met my mirror image in female form because twenty-one-year-old Jennifer Lanfranco was every bit as hot-tempered, outspoken, and stubborn as I am. That was exactly what I wanted in a woman—someone who would stand up to me as an equal,” he added.

At the time, Jen was working at a prop rental company. Ralph became a demonologist in 1990, the same year he married Jen and had their first child. She was his constant companion during the same time. When Ralph got acquainted with Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose lives serve as a source of inspiration for ‘The Conjuring’ films, Jen was a part of their meetings. According to ‘Beware the Night,’ Ralph and Jen dealt with a demonic presence in their house ever since the former started working as a demonologist. When he co-founded the New York City chapter of the New England Society for Psychic Research, she wasn’t the most supportive.

“We held classes once a month in the basement of my home in Glendale, much to the consternation of my wife, Jen. She grew to dread those nights because scary things sometimes happened,” Ralph wrote in his book. Jen continued to experience allegedly paranormal experiences. “In the winter of 1992, my wife had a harrowing encounter in our home. I was off on a case and she was watching TV, while Christina slept. Suddenly Jen saw something. out of the corner of her eye: a huge black shape about eight feet tall, with no features at all,” reads ‘Beware the Night.’

Jennifer: Life After Divorce

Jennifer and Ralph eventually got divorced. According to the demonologist, his work did play a part in their separation. “Being involved in the Work has caused problems in my marriage and my home life,” Ralph admitted in his book. After getting involved in paranormal cases, he became “more and more impossible to live with,” only for them to consider divorce soon. “I was now literally hellbent on getting a divorce — and Jen felt the same. At the time I was too distraught to think about the demonic and its role in shattering my personal life,” reads his book.

Although Ralph and Jen tried to save their marriage by moving to a new house, it was not enough for the survival of their relationship. After their divorce, Jen got remarried. However, not much is known about her current personal life since she has chosen to keep the same private. Through ‘Beware the Night,’ Ralph expresses his gratitude towards his ex-wife. “Even with all the adversity we’ve had to deal with, Jen has given me her support in many ways that have enabled me to continue the Work,” he wrote in the book.

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