Jenny Macdonald and Mike Lemieux From HGTV: All We Know About the Duo

Image Credit: CBS Boston/WBZ-TV

HGTV’s ‘Houses With History’ is a reality show that follows three knowledgeable and resourceful hosts, Mike Lemieux, Jenny MacDonald, and Rich Soares, as they ace their jobs of restoring historic houses. However, the audience is curious to learn more about the dynamics between Mike and Jenny. Most viewers enjoy their on-screen chemistry and just need an insight into their relationship, which heavily influences the show. So without any further ado, here’s all you must know about the couple.

Jenny MacDonald and Mike Lemieux Likely Met at a Barbecue Party

As reports suggest, Mike and Jenny met at a barbecue party that was hosted by Mike’s sister, who also happened to be Jenny’s best friend. The duo was young and quite awkward around each other, like most teenagers who fancy someone. Later, they became high school friends but had strong feelings for one another. They mustered up the courage to go on their first date at the age of 16, but nothing came to fruition after that. But 20 years later, they reconnected and discovered that both of them were passionate about real estate and old things. So, they began as friends but eventually fell in love.

Jenny MacDonald and Mike Lemieux’s Journey Together

Jenny and Mike collaborated on work where the latter was initially responsible for plumbing the houses, and he later introduced his former college roommate (Rich), who also joined their team. The couple bonds over their love for old houses, which they renovate and turn into contemporary ones. They are also fascinated by the story of each house, and one of these abodes turned out to be the creation of Mike’s ancestors over 200 years ago.

Together, they started Full Circle Homes, an established business with a multitude of services. The duo tied the knot in private and continued their entrepreneurial pursuits together. Jenny and Mike purportedly moved to Plympton, Massachusetts. Their greatest joy as a team lies in rescuing homes across Plymouth, digging into their history, and honoring their existence.

The two keep most of their relationship milestones out of the public eye, and their professional goals become the forefront of their brand. They complement each other as Mike specializes in the construction of the houses, whereas Jenny manages the design concepts.

Jenny MacDonald and Mike Lemieux’s Kids

Jenny and Mike have two beautiful children, a daughter named Karissa and a son named Alex. Karissa is a biology major who graduated from college as a class valedictorian in June 2022. She is their firstborn child, and the couple is proud of her accomplishments. Alex is three years younger than his elder sister and is seemingly pursuing his higher education for now.

The duo has a beautiful family and an equally amazing professional relationship. They’ve managed to create loads of informative content on social media and thus garnered thousands of admirers. With HGTV’s ‘Houses with History,’ Jenny Macdonald and Mike Lemieux put their years of experience into use as they reform old homes and restore their beauty and granduer.

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