Jessel Taank Net Worth: How Rich is RHONY Star?

Image Credit: Jessel Taank/Instagram

Set in New York City, New York, Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of New York City,’ AKA ‘RHONY,’ is a reality series that has kept viewers engaged since its premiere in 2008. Part of ‘The Real Housewives‘ franchise, the show features many successful women whose personal and professional lives become a subject of public interest. One of the most intriguing cast members who made her debut in season 14 is none other than Jessel Taank. If you are among one of her many fans and are eager to explore Jessel’s career and just how much wealth she has accumulated over the years, worry not because we have your back!

How Did Jessel Taank Earn Her Money?

Having grown up in a tight-knit Indian household in London, England, Jessel joined King’s College London in 2001. While still a student there, she also enrolled at UC Santa Barbara in 2002. Thanks to her dedication, Jessel graduated from the latter institute in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. Her time at King’s College ended in 2005 as she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature.

In February 2008, Jessel joined Karla Otto New York’s public relations department and stayed with the company until October 2011. She became a part of Michael Kors but left the organization in November 2013. Next, in April 2014, Jessel became affiliated with HL Group, a company based in Los Angles, California, becoming its Public Relations Director, but left the post in June 2016, ready for another switch.

The same month that Jessel left HL Group, Jessel became the Director of Public Relations at Westfield, based in the Greater Los Angeles Area of California. Her journey with the company ended in September 2019 when she joined BWR Public Relations as the Fashion and Beauty Vice President. In October 2020, Jessel switched workplaces, joining the Founding Leadership of The Right Now. This particular affiliation came to an end in October 2022. This development was preceded by her founding The Know in July 2022.

As of writing, the ‘RHONY’ cast member is still affiliated with the latter company, based in New York. Some additional companies apart from the mentioned previous that Jessel has worked with include Conde Nast International, Stella McCartney, Celine, and Victoria Beckham. The reality TV star has undoubtedly had a successful career, given her partnerships with brands like KKW Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Business of Fashion, and Eataly. During her career, she has helped shape the strategic direction of various retail properties.

Jessel Taank’s Net Worth

To understand Jessel’s net worth, one must consider the various positions she has helped over the years. While a Public Relations Expert in New York apparently makes an average annual amount of $65,000, we must remember that the Bravo star is highly successful in the field. Additionally, Jessel has been a Vice-President in the past, a position that, in the Big Apple, helps people seemingly earn around $150,000 on average. We must also take into account her recent reality TV work, as reports suggest that cast members entering their first season of ‘RHONY’ make about $10,000 per episode. Considering all these factors, we estimate Jessel Taank’s net worth to be around $1.1 million.

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