Jessica Swale to Direct ‘Merv’ For Prime Video

Image Credit: Alpine Fellowship/YouTube

Jessica Swale is set to direct ‘Merv’ for Prime Video. The filming of the project is scheduled to commence in North Carolina in April. The movie is penned by Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart. The movie revolves around two ex-partners who discover that their shared dog, Merv, is grappling with depression in the aftermath of their breakup.

Image Credit: BAFTA Guru/YouTube

Swale’s recent credits include two episodes of Prime Video’s comedy series ‘Ten Percent.’ The filmmaker also directed the war romance film ‘Summerland,’ in which, during World War II, an Englishwoman’s heart opens to an evacuee, leading to a poignant exploration of womanhood, love, and friendship. Swale helmed the TV short ‘Leading Lady Parts,’ providing a backstage glimpse at British acting talent auditions for complex female roles, challenging stereotypes and showcasing women beyond their anatomy.

Clark recently contributed his writing talents to two episodes of the TV series ‘One More Time.’ He collaborated with his wife Stewart to write and direct the comedy-drama ‘Suze.’ The film explores the predicament of an empty nest mother who reluctantly finds herself caring for her daughter’s heartbroken ex-boyfriend. Clark’s creative endeavors extend to serving as the story editor for the TV series ‘Run the Burbs.’ He co-wrote ‘Ms. Bixby’s Last Day,’ a touching story in which three students plan to give their departing teacher a memorable day.

Clark served as a writer and story editor for the TV series ‘Mr. D,’ which depicts the humorous challenges faced by a teacher trying to maintain his lifestyle while dealing with students. The collaborative efforts of Clark and Stewart further extend to co-writing the TV series ‘The Commute,’ exploring the summer carpooling adventures of Hansen and Emma when the public bus fails to appear. The couple also helmed the romantic thriller ‘I Put a Hit on You.’

North Carolina, the principal location of the film, previously hosted the shooting of ‘I.S.S.’ and ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’

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