Ji Hyuk Song: The Love Like a K-Drama Star is Now Acting in Korea

Combining our love for love stories and Korean dramas, Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ gives various Japanese artists a chance to find love while making a show that in itself is full of love and heartbreak. For artists like Ji Hyuk Song, the task was far from easy, given just how the tables had turned. Though he did make some lasting connections on the show, his search for love remained unfulfilled. Needless to say, the world has become curious about just where Ji Hyuk is these days.

Ji Hyuk Song’s Love Like a K-Drama Journey

Among the male cast members who made their entry in season 1 of the Netflix show, Ji Hyuk Song was the second person to present his suit to the three ladies in front of them. Among them, Rio Yamashita expressed interest in partnering with him, something that certainly made Ji Hyuk happy. Given that he was the only male contestant who also knew Japanese and was the oldest, Ji Hyuk felt pretty confident about his chances when it came to finding love.

Not much later, the cast members had to audition for the lead roles in the first episode, and it was Ji Hyuk and Rio who were given the chance to act. However, Ji Hyuk was also told that he needed to work hard in order to match the level of acting that Rio had showcased in the auditions, a piece of advice that he took to heart. Together, the two worked hard to make the first episode of their Korean show and continued to grow closer. As such, Ji Hyuk was quite surprised when, during the second pairing, Tae Gyun Lee expressed interest in being with Rio.

Though not entirely happy about the situation, Ji Hyuk consented to partner with Ayano Kudo instead, feeling that if he and Rio were meant to be, they would be able to overcome the separation. When Tae Gyun was chosen to be a part of the second episode but not Rio, Ji Hyuk felt that this might be his chance. Indeed, Rio chose him to be her partner during the third pairing. However, around this time, she started to admire Dong Kyu Kim and seemed interested in being with him.

Ji Hyuk then tried to form a connection with Ayano Kudo but soon realized that the bond between them might not turn romantic, especially given her significant feelings for Tae Gyun. For the rest of his time on the show, he continued to grow closer to the rest of the cast members, having the advantage of being the only person who could verbally talk with everyone without the need for a translator. However, by the time the final confessions came around, he could not but feel like the qualities that he thought would help him had become a hindrance, given that the rest of the cast was not in his age group.

Where is Ji Hyuk Song Now?

Affiliated with Nine Ato Entertainment, Ji Hyuk Song continues to work within the Korean entertainment industry and has already impressed the masses when it comes to his acting skills. Some of his more recent works include the role of Choi Jong Soo in ‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse.’ The reality TV star also used to be a part of the K-pop boy band called Supernova, which used to make songs both for Korean and Japanese listeners.

These days, Ji Hyuk is more focused on his acting career, though his singing skills continue to impress many. As for his relationship status, he is still single but remains good friends with many of his fellow cast members from the Netflix show. In fact, he has expressed his affection for them on more than one occasion through Instagram and the group seemingly continues to meet on special days like birthdays.

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