Nozomi Bando: The Love Like a K-Drama Star is Now a Model

Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ is one Japanese show you cannot miss out on if you like Korean dramas and romantic stories. Seeing various actors trying to find love while working on a show for which they have flown all the way from Japan is truly something to cherish. However, love is not always easy to find, something that Nozomi Bando could easily tell you following her time as a participant in the social experiment. However, she did earn many fans from across the world who are eager to know more about her current whereabouts.

Nozomi Bando’s Love Like a K-Drama Journey

When Nozomi Bando entered the Netflix show, she and her fellow female contestants had the option to choose whom they wanted to partner with one by one. It wasn’t until Tae Gyun Lee that she showed any interest, but the man in question decided to be with Ayano Kudo. This meant that Nozomi was automatically partnered with Dong Kyu Kim, though neither seemed upset by the development and were more than open about getting to know each other.

Though Nozomi and Dong Kyu did not get to be in the first episode of the show that was being produced, he did choose to partner with Nozomi once again during the second round of pairing. For the third pairing, Nozomi had the chance to buy a gift for Dong Kyu to show that she chose him, which she was able to do faster than anyone else, which certainly made him happy. In fact, both parties seemed quite happy about the growing closeness between them.

However, around the same time, Rio Yamashita became interested in Dong Kyu and wanted to get to know him better, something that Nozomi noticed. Meanwhile, Wonshik Kim also found himself gravitating towards Nozomi. While Dong Kyu and Nozomi initially remained only focused on each other, things changed when, during the fourth pairing, Dong Kyu was paired with Rio. This allowed him to get to know his partner better and realize that there might be a romantic connection there. The bond between them only solidified when they two were selected to be a part of the Korean show’s fourth episode.

Meanwhile, Nozomi started to feel that Dong Kyu was beginning to drift away from her. Though she had chosen him to be her partner for the fifth round of pairings, he and Rio had chosen each other, something that she realized quickly. Even though Nozomi and Dong Kyu were selected to be in the fifth episode, the latter ended up confessing that he was now interested in pursuing a connection with Rio. Though heartbroken, this allowed Nozomi to focus on Wonshik.

During the sixth and final pairing, Nozomi wanted to be with Wonshik, but so did Honoka Kitahara. The latter asked Nozomi for a chance to confess her feelings before he made a decision between the two but ended up not doing so. Wonshik did pick Nozomi, and the two were ultimately selected to be the stars of the final episode. However, during the making of the same, Wonshik realized that his heart belonged to Honoka, something he confessed to Nozomi as early as possible. As such, Nozomi returned to Japan with no romantic connection that lasted until the end of the experiment.

Where is Nozomi Bando Now?

A dancer and a model, Nozomi Bando continues to be active in the Japanese entertainment industry. Some of her more recent works include ‘(Ab)normal Desire,’ in which she essayed the role of Yume Takami. Due to her stellar resume and talent as an actress, Nozomi has earned praise from many and continues to make fans. Though it seems like the reality TV star is single, she seems to be still on good terms with her fellow cast members, having even called Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara her “best friends” following their final confession.

Nozomi is also affiliated with Seventeen as a model, having won the Miss Seventeen title in 2011. The Netflix star, who works alongside LDH Japan, was also a part of Flower and E-girls in the past. When not working hard, Nozomi enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is also fond of being in the company of her dog, whom she loves very much. The model and actress has earned worldwide fame thanks to her part in the Japanese show and has expressed her gratitude for the same.

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