John Stanaland Net Worth: How Rich is Tyler Stanaland’s Dad?

Image Credit: John Stanaland/Instagram

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the Stanaland family has been dominating the real estate market in wondrous Orange County, California, for at least the past century. This much is even noted in Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC,’ especially with agent Tyler Stanaland serving as one of its leading cast members under the luxurious banner of The Oppenheim Group. However, if we’re honest, it’s his dad John who has broken all bounds of the industry — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his net worth, we’ve got the details for you.

How Did John Stanaland Earn His Money?

A native of Laguna Beach through and through, John is admittedly incredibly proud of the fact he represents a lineage of property agents, developers, plus financiers spanning over 100 years. The truth is it was back in 1919 when his great-great-grandfather first stepped into the role of helping people buy/sell homes in this emerging locale, only for his children to follow in his footsteps. At that point, per this mid-50-year-old’s business profile, coastal areas like his home city hadn’t even been incorporated, indicating his approach to their generational work is much more visionary.

John had actually begun working real estate full-time around 1997, just to quickly garner a reputation for sheer excellence on the grounds of his personalized services as well as direct techniques. After all, he believes the most important aspects of this job are building relationships to establish a loyal clientele and maintaining a light perspective so as to relish even the most complex deals. Though arguably what makes him stand out the most (to new individuals in particular) is his level of commitment, evidenced through his attentiveness, knowledge, marketing, and negotiation skills.

It hence comes as no surprise that as John Stanaland Group’s founder — currently operating under Douglas Elliman Realty upon leaving Villa Real Estate in early 2023 — John has held listings totaling over $7 billion in his still thriving 27-year career. “My primary offices historically have been my car and my boat,” the man with more than $4.5 billion in sales once said. “In all honesty, I work out of my boat three or four days a week. But I will work out of Newport’s office more than my boat… I sell a lot of real estate, and a lot of my clientele is bi-coastal; it’s from all over the country, it’s international.”

John Stanaland’s Net Worth

Before we can actually delve into John’s accumulated wealth over the years, it’s imperative to note that every realtor (even top rungs like him) makes almost all their money through commissions alone. And the percentage of this in luxurious properties in Southern California is believed to be 3-5% of the total price mentioned in the paperwork of the final deal, which is then divided amongst the agents and brokerages. Therefore, with John’s nearly $5 billion in sales — of which over $600 million were in the last two years — his assets, as well as his likely familial inheritance, we estimate this Global Real Estate Broker’s net worth to be close to $40 million as of writing.

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