Jonathan Nørmølle’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Ex-SERHANT Agent?

Image Credit: Winnie Au/Netflix

While Jonathan Frank Nørmølle is the epitome of a cocky and controversial figure, considering his stint in Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan,’ nobody can deny that he is a driven real estate agent. That’s how he actually ended up landing a spot in this realty reality series as part of ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ star Ryan Serhant’s tech-forward luxury agency SERHANT in the first place. But alas, following a few grave mistakes as well as missed chances, he was fired — a decision he did not take well, only to then grow even more determined to succeed and prove Ryan wrong.

How Did Jonathan Nørmølle Earn His Money?

Although a proud native of Denmark, Jonathan has been a US resident for quite a long time — he reportedly graduated from the renowned Chicago Waldorf School in Chicago, Illinois, before relocating to New York to kickstart his dream of becoming a true magnate. He thus worked hard to earn his license, following which he dove head first into the industry as a full-fledged agent at Compass in January 2018, just to hone his skills over a period of 3 years. According to records, he closed more than 350 high-end rental deals during his stint here prior to spreading his wings to do over $100 million in sales in his very first year without a guiding team.

The fact Jonathan has always embraced creative sales techniques, modern marketing strategies, and unique estates while trying to prioritize a client-centric approach has propelled his success too. It thus comes as no surprise Ryan Serhant took a risk to recruit him in October 2022, especially since he felt the agent could very well be the face of this next generation of home buyers plus sellers. However, neither of them ever expected that this Elite Model Management signed fashion model, as well as a rising public figure, would not be a good internal fit for SERHANT brokerage as a whole.

Jonathan, hence, parted ways with the organization in October 2023, only to join the top-tier Highline Residential brand while also launching his own agency team by the name of NextGen Markets. Though his role in the former brokerage is not as a salesperson but as a Sales & Marketing Specialist, meaning his job is to find a way to help the company bridge the gap between new and old practices. As if that’s not enough, this happily married Seaport District resident is even a social media personality — with over 438k followers on Instagram alone, he is definitely using his platform to his advantage.

Jonathan Nørmølle’s Net Worth

It’s true Jonathan only has 6+ years of experience in the real estate industry as of writing, but he has genuinely managed to thrive and close deals worth nearly $560 million in sales over these years. Therefore, his income from the same — at the luxury market average of 3% in commissions, which gets halved between the agents involved prior to them splitting it with their respective agencies at an 85-15 ratio — is roughly $7.14 million. As for his salaried position at Highline Residential, it is likely he makes up to around $80,000 per year based on the fact he is indeed a top dog within the world of luxury homes, new developments, as well as investment properties.

Then there’s Jonathan’s undeniable career as a fashion model and online figure, through which he probably earns $35,000 a year (since it is arguably part-time) plus $0.02 per 1,000 views, respectively. So, with the assumption he has managed to bag at least 30 million views across all platforms thanks to his public presence plus followers, he has been paid a good amount through the latter avenue too. As a result of all this, combined with his opulent lifestyle, ‘Next-GEN’/’Next-GEN Level Up’ podcast, interest in bikes, playing piano, and world travel, as well as investments, savings, and other expenses, we estimate his net worth to be $9 million.

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