Josh: Where is the Emergency: NYC Patient Now?

Netflix’s ‘Emergency: NYC’ provides an unfiltered and realistic insight into what the healthcare professionals in New York City, New York, face every day. In this medical show, we are also introduced to many patients for whom getting proper medical attention was a question of life and death. Joshua, AKA Josh, was seen in the very first episode of the show after he sustained near-fatal injuries that required multiple procedures and his own determination to overcome. There are thus many people who cannot help but wonder about this case and where the teenager is these days. Well, here is what we know about the same!

Who is Josh?

Josh is the youngest son of his mother, Leslie, and has an older brother, both of whom are featured in the Netflix series. According to his mother, the 17-year-old had apparently gone to meet up with his friends for a hangout and was suddenly shot. Whether or not it was a driveby or another form of attack was unclear at the time, but the injuries he sustained as a result of the same were quite extensive.

Leslie (Left) and Dr. Jose Prince (Right)

Entering from his left side, the bullets left Josh with two entry wounds in his body and possibly an equal number of exit wounds. Along with injuries to his left arm, the teenager’s diaphragm was pierced, and his liver was lacerated, along with his stomach and spleen. He was hence rushed to a local community hospital via a private vehicle and was soon being treated at one of the sister hospitals of Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

Over the course of his first night after being shot, Josh had three cardiac arrests. He was actively bleeding and had to undergo several procedures to minimize the damage. Prior to being shifted to Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Josh had a splenectomy and three gastrectomies. His liver lacerations were also repaired, but he continued to bleed, and his abdomen had to be kept open, covered with only dressing due to swelling. According to doctors, Josh’s brain functions had also stopped for some time, but he pulled through and continued to fight.

Leslie (Left) and Dr. Chetan Sathya (Right)

Upon arriving at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, the medical experts had prioritized stabilizing Josh and ensuring he made it through every night. After some time, and multiple procedures, Dr. Chetan Sathya led another operation, but this time, it was to drain the blood that had accumulated inside Josh’s body. There were some complications as the internal bleeding had not completely stopped, but the team did their best to drain as much blood as possible in order to increase the speed of healing.

Where is Josh Now?

Once Josh’s swelling was down, Dr. Jose Prince and his team assessed the situation and decided to close the teenager’s abdomen. They did monitor him for quite some time, given the increased risk of infection due to the extended period his body was kept open. However, Josh managed to recover sufficiently, much to the joy of his mother, Leslie, and his elder brother. Dr. Prince was also delighted by the gradual yet steady recovery process and offered as much support as he could to Josh’s family.

Soon afterward, Josh’s breathing tube was removed, and he had to undergo a bit of exercise to regulate his respiratory system. Leslie was thankful her son had been able to pull through despite the extent of his injuries and shared that the teenager was already communicating via his hands and eyes. Later on, Dr. Prince shared that Josh had walked out of the hospital on his own. He and his family apparently decided to switch homes, a decision which may have been made keeping Josh’s injuries and recovery in mind.

Given the significant amount of time between the production of the show’s premiere season and its release, we believe Josh is doing really well these days, especially considering his recovery from the Netflix series. The company of his loved ones, especially his mother and brother, must have undoubtedly helped in the process, and we are sure he will always continue to receive their unwavering support and love.

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