Justin Harvey: Where is the Physical 100 Season 2 Finalist Now?

When it comes to shining light on the wonders of physical fitness, few shows have done as well as Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100.’ The tests that are posed in front of some of the most physically strong people in South Korea have certainly allowed many news names to become popular in the eyes of the viewers. This includes Justin Harvey, who traversed a path full of ups and downs and proved himself stronger than many by claiming a position in the finals of season 2. His performance was impressive, thanks not only to his skills but also to his determination, which helped him achieve such a high rank.

Justin Harvey’s Path to Finals Was Filled With Obstacles

One of the hundred hopefuls who wanted to lay claim to the title of the victor, Justin Harvey started strong in Quest 1 after he defeated his opponent Jeon Jong-Hyeok. His evident strength certainly appealed to many, especially those whom many considered frontrunners in the competition after Quest 2. When it came to team selection, Justin became a part of Lee Jae-Yoon’s team, who chose him to be the fourth member of his team.

Justin and his teammates had to compete against Jung Ji-Hyun’s team in Quest 2. The task in front of them meant that all of them had to make efforts to literally tip the scales in their favor by capturing at least two of the three zones within a maze by taking weights from the center and putting them on huge scales located in each capture zone. Thanks to their smart planning and determination, Justin and his team actually emerged as the winners, allowing them to proceed directly to Quest 3.

For this round of challenges, Justin and his team had to compete against Team Hong Beom-Seok and Team Kim Dong-Hyun. In the first two tasks of the quest, Justin and his team actually scored in the first position. However, when they ended up in the third position during the third task, it all depended on the fourth and last task. Justin’s team had to ensure that they beat Kim Dong-Hyun’s team at any cost. The end moments of this particular round were certainly nail-biting but ultimately allowed Justin’s team entry into Quest 5.

Things were flipped on their head for Quest 5. All the teammates now had to compete against each other until only one of them would remain standing so as to claim a position in the finals. As such, Justin had to face Lee Jae-Yoon, Jo Sung-Bin, Lee Hyun-Jeong, and Joo Min-Kyung. The multiple continuous rounds of races where they had to drag rollers from one end of a track to another were not simple, with one contestant dropping off in every round. Ultimately, it was Justin who emerged as the winner in this quest, making him a finalist.

In the finals, Justin was up against Amotti, Hong Beom-Seok, and Andre Jin. All four of them had performed impressively throughout the competition, making the Final Quest that much more exciting. For the first task of this quest, all the players had to hold their torso statues high in the air by hiding on a rope on the ground that was attached to the busts through a pulley. The busts weighed about 40% of each contestant’s body weight. Although each contestant applied their own tactic to approach this task, Jsutin ultimately lost this round, leading to the end of his time in the competition.

Justin Harvey is Now an Actor

Thanks to his position as a finalist of ‘Physical: 100’ season 2, Justin Harvey has become more popular than ever. The reality TV star actually hails from South Africa and takes pride in presenting his country on such an international platform. He certainly has many skills to be admired, like his proficiency in Korean, Afrikaans, and English, along with his understanding of the Dutch language. He is also quite fond of South Korea’s food and cuisine.

Having worked in projects like ‘The Childe,’ Justin is a growing actor with dreams of becoming a lead in a Korean movie. For this goal, he has certainly worked hard, and many have admired his dedication. A resident of Seoul, South Korea, he was actually awarded honorary citizenship of the city in December 2021, though he did have mixed feelings about the development. “It was with a heavy heart that I had to accept the award on account of saving someone attempting suicide, but I am happy to be a contributing member of society and thankful to this city that I call home.” he shared on Instagram at the time.

“It is wonderful to see so many foreign residents of Korea trying to make a difference,” Justin added. “Congrats to all of the fellow recipients. And thank you to all the kind messages I received over the last few days. I have also heard that I am the first person from South Africa to receive this award since its conception in 1958. The award has been given to 890 people in that time.”

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