Kayla Giddings: Where is Is It Cake Contestant Now?

Is It Cake’ season 2 is an interesting reality show that revolves around the viral internet phenomenon of making ultra-realistic cakes. It brings together a cast of uniquely talented bakers from around the country before having them compete against each other to make the most photorealistic cake. However, if a panel of three guest judges recognizes the original from the decoys, the respective baker is put in danger of elimination, although the final decision is made on the taste and details. Similarly, season 2 of the Netflix series introduced us to Louisiana native Kayla Giddings, who wowed the judges with her talent and technique. Well, with viewers now eager to learn more about Kayla, let’s find out where she is at present, shall we?

Who is Kayla Giddings?

A resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, Kayla Giddings has been in love with baking for most of her life. However, she never planned on turning her passion into a living and was instead focused on furthering her career as a teacher. In fact, Kayla later mentioned that apart from being a sixth-grade science teacher at Judice Middle School for three years, she even taught high school English and speech at Acadiana High for four years before deciding to pursue baking as a full-time profession.

Although Kayla’s friends and loved ones egged her on and encouraged her to follow her dreams, adjusting to the basics took some time. The reality star revealed how most of her initial creations had several lumps and bumps on their bodies, and she even forgot to put the icing underneath the fondant in her very first cake. However, the imperfections made Kayla all the more determined to hone her skill, and she began practicing relentlessly while taking inspiration from YouTube videos.

Eventually, through practice, she managed to perfect her method, and since then, Kayla has passed one milestone after the other in baking. Moreover, even while working as a teacher, Kayla started a business out of her home kitchen, through which she would take on personalized cake orders for events, including baby showers and birthdays.

Kayla is pretty well-reputed as a reality show star, as the Lafayette resident won four of the five Food Network competitive baking shows she was a part of. Moreover, instead of applying herself, Kayla was invited to be a part of Netflix’s ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2, and she immediately jumped at the opportunity to increase her reach and impress the judges. Readers will be glad to know that Kayla even managed to fool the panel multiple times, but her efforts ultimately fell short, which led to elimination. Still, the talented baker refused to get dejected and was instead grateful for the much-deserved promotion.

Where is Kayla Giddings Now?

Kayla Giddings resides in Lafayette, Louisiana, and owns and operates an independent cake-selling business. On top of it, she offers several online and local baking courses out of her home cake studio, where she does most of her baking. Additionally, in an interview, the reality star revealed that she occasionally takes small classes at a local Lafayette cake supply store called A Baker’s Choice.

On the other hand, Kayla also appears to be doing quite well in her personal life, as she recently tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Furthermore, she is a proud mother to her 10-year-old daughter, and it is heartwarming to witness Kayla embrace her motherly duties while maintaining a busy schedule. Following Kayla’s life shows her success results from hard work, and we wish her the best for future years.

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