Loved Ghost Doctor? Explore 8 KDramas Just Like It

‘Ghost Doctor’ is a South Korean drama television series created by Boo Sung-chul, Kim Yeong-hwan, and Kim Seon-su, boasting an exceptional cast that includes Rain, Kim Bum, Uee, and Son Na-eun. This medical drama intricately weaves the tale of two doctors with polarizing backgrounds and skills, Cha Young-min (Rain) and Go Seung-tak (Kim-Bum), whose lives become entangled in a twist of fate. Young-min, a brilliant yet arrogant cardiothoracic surgeon, crosses paths with Seung-tak, who possesses excellent medical knowledge but harbors a fear of surgery. The unexpected convergence occurs when Young-min’s spirit inhabits Seung-tak’s body after a peculiar turn of events, setting the stage for a compelling narrative of medical prowess, personal growth, and supernatural intrigue. If you crave more similar character-driven narratives with supernatural elements, here are 8 shows like ‘Ghost Doctor’ you should check out.

8. Bring It On, Ghost (2016)

‘Bring It On, Ghost’ is a drama series, written by Lee Dae-il and based on the webtoon of the same name by Im In Seu. The series intricately blends comedy and supernatural elements, following the story of a high school student with the ability to see ghosts who teams up with a quirky exorcist to resolve ghost-related incidents. Starring Ok Taec-yeon and Kim So-hyun, the dynamic duo navigates the spirit world, solving mysteries and fostering an unexpected camaraderie. In relation to ‘Ghost Doctor,’ both dramas skillfully intertwine the realms of medicine and the supernatural, delivering captivating narratives filled with humor, suspense, and unexpected connections.

7. Master’s Sun (2013)

‘Master’s Sun’ unfolds under the direction of Jin Hyeok, with Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran crafting the captivating narrative. This Korean drama delves into the intricacies of the supernatural, revolving around Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin), who is haunted by ghosts, and Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub), a skeptical CEO. Gong-shil’s ability to quell spirits with Joong-won’s touch forms the crux of their unconventional connection. Their journey, marked by humor and romance, explores the realms between the living and the dead. Drawing parallels with ‘Ghost Doctor,’ both series masterfully interlace the supernatural, offering enthralling sagas of mystery, humor, and unexpected relationships.

6. Life (2018)

Directed by Hong Jong-chan and penned by Lee Soo-yeon, the drama ‘Life’ engages viewers with a gripping narrative that taps into the complex world of a hospital, exploring power struggles and ethical dilemmas. Cho Seung-woo portrays a pragmatic doctor, Goo Seung-hyo, while Lee Dong-wook embodies the idealistic surgeon, Jo Eun-chae. Their clash of ideals and the intricate web of hospital politics unfolds against a backdrop of intense medical cases. In connection to ‘Ghost Doctor,’ both series seamlessly intertwine medical intricacies and intense interpersonal dynamics. ‘Life’ brings forth a distinct portrayal of the healthcare realm, offering a suspenseful and thought-provoking viewing experience.

5. Doctor John (2019)

Crafted under the direction of Jo Soo-won, ‘Doctor John’ emerges as a Korean medical drama that captivates with its exploration of complex ethical dilemmas. Penned by Kim Ji-won, the series follows the journey of Cha Yo-han (Ji Sung), a brilliant anesthesiologist whose unconventional methods put him at odds with the medical establishment. Alongside his colleague Kang Shi-young (Lee Se-young) they navigate the blurred lines between justice and medical ethics. Unlike ‘Ghost Doctor,’ ‘Doctor John’ immerses viewers in the world of anesthesia, unraveling a tale that masterfully blends medical intricacies with suspense, making it a compelling watch for enthusiasts of medical dramas with a twist.

4. Oh My Ghost (2015)

‘Oh My Ghost’ shares thematic parallels with ‘Ghost Doctor,’ infusing supernatural elements into a captivating narrative. Directed by Yoon Je-won and penned by the duo Yang Seo-yoon and Yang Hee-seung, the series revolves around timid chef Na Bong-sun (Park Bo-young), who becomes possessed by a lustful ghost, Kim Seul-gi’s character. This unexpected possession leads to a comedic and heartwarming journey of self-discovery and romance. Both series skillfully blend the realms of the living and the supernatural, providing viewers with a delightful mix of humor, romance, and unexpected connections, making ‘Oh My Ghost’ a delightful watch for fans of the supernatural medical genre.

3. Come Back Mister (2016)

‘Come Back Mister’ diverges into the afterlife with a unique twist, providing a narrative resonant with ‘Ghost Doctor.’ Directed by Shin Yoon-sub and penned by Jiro Asada and Noh Hye-young, the series follows two men, Kim Young-soo (Rain) and Han Gi-tak (Oh Yeon-seo), who find themselves reincarnated into new bodies after their untimely deaths. Based on the Japanese novel ‘Mr. Tsubakiyama’s Seven Days’ by Jirō Asada, this humorous and heartwarming drama explores their second chance at life and love. Unlike the medical focus of ‘Ghost Doctor,’ ‘Come Back Mister’ immerses viewers in a tale of redemption, blending comedy, romance, and the supernatural, making it an intriguing pick for those drawn to unconventional storytelling.

2. Two Cops (2017)

Dive into the thrilling world of ‘Two Cops,’ a dynamic Korean drama that brings a fresh spin to the supernatural genre, echoing the intrigue found in ‘Ghost Doctor.’ Written by Byun Sang-soon and directed by Oh Hyun-jong, this series unfolds the tale of Cha Dong-tak (Jo Jung-suk), a dedicated detective, who finds himself cohabiting his body with the spirit of a swindler, Gong Soo-chang (Kim Sun-ho). The mismatched duo collaborates to solve crimes, their unique partnership adding layers of comedy and suspense. While ‘Ghost Doctor’ intertwines medicine and the supernatural, ‘Two Cops’ combines crime-solving with a captivating blend of humor, mystery, and unexpected alliances, making it a must-watch for those seeking an enthralling divergence from the ordinary.

1. Kokdu: Season of Deity (2023)

Developed by Kim Ho-jun, ‘Kokdu: Season of Deity’ immerses viewers in a South Korean television series that echoes the supernatural intrigue of ‘Ghost Doctor.’ Starring Kim Jung-hyun as Kokdu, the narrative unfolds around a grim reaper who, every 99 years, descends to the mortal world to administer justice to humans. In a parallel to ‘Ghost Doctor,’ Kokdu encounters Dr. Han Gye-jeol, portrayed by Im Soo-hyang, a doctor endowed with mysterious abilities. Their paths converge as Kokdu takes on the role of a visiting doctor, mirroring the entanglement of medicine and the supernatural found in ‘Ghost Doctor.’ The series promises a captivating fusion of ethereal elements and medical complexities, offering a unique narrative for enthusiasts of the extraordinary.

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