Kelsey Kimberly Eastman: Intervention Cast Member Now Aids Others with Her Experience

As a documentary reality series living up to its title in every way imaginable, A&E’s ‘Intervention‘ can only be described as equal parts baffling, distressing, inspiring, and heartbreaking. That’s because it centers around those individuals seriously struggling with addiction as they’re essentially pushed into the recovery process by loved ones with the help of a lose-all ultimatum. And amongst them to thus face such a situation in season 22 was actually Kelsey “Kels” Kimberly Eastman — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about her, we’ve got the details for you.

Kelsey’s Intervention Journey

A proud native of Calgary, Alberta, in Canada, there was once a time Kelsey was not just a happy, charming young girl but also a standout student as well as an incredibly talented soccer player. However, everything turned upside down when she was sexually assaulted at her very first high school party at the tender age of 14, only to then feel as if she could not confide in anyone. The teen hence turned to substances to hide her pain plus (unnecessary, toxic) shame — she didn’t tell anyone about her assault, and it was already too late by the time the truth came to light.

We say too late because Kelsey had developed an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and meth; she used them daily to cope with her toils, meaning they were her solace in every sense of the term. Though arguably the worst facet of all this was the way it had completely transformed her personality from a kind, gentle soul to an aggressive, destructive youngster gripped by rage psychosis. In fact, according to the show, this was to such an extent she often raised her hands at family members, screamed until the local police were called, or punched deep holes in every room’s doors/walls.

Therefore, Kelsey’s family gradually grew so afraid they kicked her out, just to almost immediately regret their decision due to the fellow addicts or dangerous men she subsequently began dating. This, combined with a few other aspects, ultimately drove her family to really intervene — her parents, sister, soon-to-be brother-in-law, as well as grandmother all wanted the very best for her. But alas, they were unsure if things would pan out since they couldn’t see any trace of the girl they once knew, unaware the 25-year-old could stick to the rehab program and come out a new woman.

Where is Kelsey Now?

Thankfully, from what we can tell as per the last reports, although Kelsey’s episode — season 22 episode 14 — concluded filming over three years ago, she has since managed to remain wholly sober. It has obviously not been an easy road for her considering she had to battle not only alcohol as well as meth addiction but also rage, yet her loved ones maintain she now realizes it’s worth it. In other words, according to several comments made by her and her undeniably proud mother on social media platforms, Kelsey “Kels” is doing good at the moment, both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that Kelsey has since enrolled in a local college, where she’s genuinely working hard to evolve into a certified addictions counselor plus community service worker. She wants to utilize her own experiences to help others, per her mother, which means she wants to ensure fellow addicts know they’re not alone, their struggles aren’t in vain, and that people care. So, with this passionate young woman determined to stay on the right track, we honestly wish her nothing but the best, and we can’t wait to see what she achieves next.

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