Kevin Cincotta: Where is Andrea Cincotta’s Son Now?

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When 52-year-old librarian and mother of one Andrea Cincotta was found dead inside her own home in the early hours of August 22, 1998, it honestly shook the entire state of Virginia to its core. That’s because, as carefully chronicled in ABC’s ’20/20: The Andrea Cincotta Murder Case,’ her case remained unsolved for 24 years despite the fact two suspects had come to light quite early on. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the loudest voice fighting to attain her some justice over the years — her loving son Kevin Cincotta — we’ve got the essential details for you.

Who is Kevin Cincotta?

Although Kevin was born into the happy home of Andrea and Howard Cincotta as their only child in 1974, he eventually grew up to have two very separate base points since his parents divorced. But the truth is they always maintained an amicable bond for the sake of their son, which is just part of why he seemingly never had any issues with either of their ensuing romantic relationships. In fact, it has been reported that the then-24-year-old was close to his mother’s fiancé James Christopher “Chris” Johnson when everything turned upside down for them with her death in 1998.

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Kevin, along with a few other family members, thus unwaveringly supported Chris even after detectives named him a suspect in Andrea’s homicide, especially as he always kept them in the loop. The former actually believed someone else entirely was responsible for her death — a Trash Masters employee/stranger to whom she’d given her old home computer roughly four weeks prior. This is because she’d made the mistake of inviting him into the apartment she shared with her fiancé while alone, making him one of the few individuals to know the entire layout of the place.

Kevin hence worked hard with private investigator Pat Brown to positively identify this other suspect — convicted felon Bobby Joe Leonard — just for officials to soon eliminate him for good. Therefore, with no leads, no evidence, and no possible witnesses, Andrea’s case grew cold, that is, until specialized detectives decided to pick it up again in 2013 at the insistence of Kevin alone. However, it was only in 2018 when the truth finally unraveled, with Bobby admitting he was, in fact, the one to have slain the mother of one at the supposed behest of her long-term partner Chris.

Kevin Cincotta Prefers to Lead a Quiet Life Now

Kevin reportedly stopped communicating with Chris following Bobby’s 2018 confession, all the while continuing to push the authorities to speed up their inquiries for a fair trial to soon be held. Though he has also revealed some investigators had actually laughed at him when he suggested the “computer man’s” possible involvement in the late 1990s before adding, “The only person the police ever officially eliminated in the case was the actual killer. This was a breathtaking lack of competence.” So, of course, he was present as Bobby pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in July 2022 and made it clear he won’t be able to forgive him anytime soon.

Bobby Joe Leonard and James Christopher Johnson.

“Today is really about my mom, and we’ve been waiting 24 years,” Kevin stated following the hearing. “I’m 48, so I’ve lived as long without her as I lived with her. I do feel a spiritual connection with her, and I feel like she’s watching all of this, and this is for her.” He also attended James’ (or Chris’) September 2022 trial, where he testified, “The crime didn’t just alter my life, it destroyed it. I lost relationships. I lost my emotional support system. I lost my entire family. I lost my life as I knew it.”

Kevin continued, “I didn’t want to go on living, but one thing kept me going — I wanted to know what happened to my mom. So that I could grieve. You can’t grieve about what happened if you don’t know what happened… But make no mistake, justice delayed is justice denied. And it’s too bad this court can’t hold those who delayed justice needlessly, accountable.” He was thus disappointed his mother’s fiance wasn’t found guilty — he now believes he had a hand in the matter too — yet he accepted the outcome by thanking the prosecutors for giving him the answers he’d been seeking for years.

As for his current standing, it appears as if Kevin prefers to lead a quiet life well away from the spotlight these days, all the while surrounded by his closest loved ones. But from what we can tell, he still resides in his home state of Virginia, where he serves as a high-ranking corporate employee in the technological industry and does his best to keep his mother alive in his heart.

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