What Happened to J.T. Jackson and Montia Sabbag?

Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up‘ gives us a detailed look into the life of comedian and actor, Kevin Hart, who has recently become even more famous thanks to the ‘Jumanji‘ movies. However, the Netflix documentary does not aim to focus on Hart’s fame, rather choosing to show how he bounces back from setbacks with a combination of hard work and dedication. The setback in Hart’s career that is most fresh in everyone’s minds, is obviously the Oscars 2019 controversy, where Hart’s old homophobic tweets resurfaced, forcing him to turn down what could have been the highlight of his career.

However, the comedian faced yet another setback not long before the Oscars fiasco. Yes, we are talking about Hart cheating on his then-pregnant wife, with another woman named Montia Sabbag, in a Las Vegas hotel room. The incident happened back in 2017. It is mentioned in the docuseries as well, and Hart clarifies that he was hurt when he found out that someone close to him happened to threaten to leak a video of him getting intimate with Montia. The person allegedly behind this nefarious plan is J.T. Jackson, or Jonathan Todd Jackson, who is also known as Action Jackson.

Hart clearly mentions that cases are going on against this person, but the comedian does not go into the details, perhaps because it pains him to speak of the betrayal. Naturally, as curious viewers, you might be wondering about where J.T. Jackson is now, and if Hart managed to successfully bring charges against him, thus landing him in prison. We have got you covered in that respect.

The Extortion of Kevin Hart:

J.T. Jackson was arrested on a felony extortion charge, apart from two other felony charges, in May 2018. Hart took to Twitter to express his hurt and disbelief.

As events stand, Hart went into damage control mode, apologizing for his infidelity to his wife, when the news of his sex scandal broke. It was when Hart took to Instagram that the message of extortion came. In the 2017 public post that the comedian made, Jackson commented, “give me $5 million or I’m releasing the video”.

However, before this, Jackson had already tried to set up Kevin and extort him for the infidelity, as one of Hart’s representatives had stated. He also released a portion of the video to TMZsaying, “Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid.”

Unfortunately for Kevin, Jackson was one of his inner circle, someone trusted enough to spend Thanksgiving at his place two days after Kevin’s kid, Kenzo was born, as ‘Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up’ outlines. In fact, the two acted on movies together as well like ‘Think Like a Man Too’.

Jackson is believed to be a professional bowler and is a member of the Professional Bowlers Association. However, he might best be known for his role in Marlon Wayans’ ‘Naked’.

Where is J.T. Jackson Now?

Considering the overwhelming number of instances where Jackson has apparently tried to extort Kevin, it would stand to reason that the man might be behind bars by now. However, as of September 27, 2019, the extortion charge against him has been dropped by the LA District Attorney’s Office. Since Jackson’s comment demanding money came on a public post, that is, on Hart’s Instagram post, it cannot be counted as a direct message to Hart.

The prosecutors stated the evidence “materially undermines the People’s theory on Count One [extortion] which requires proof of specific intent”. Notably, Jackson still faces felony charges on two counts, the unauthorized use of personal identifying information and attempted concealing and selling of stolen property. While there is a chance that he still might face some time in prison for his actions, the gravest charge against him has been dropped.

It looks like Jackson will be out of prison for now, and in fact, he has a movie lined up to be released on September 1, 2020. Titled ‘Get Lucky’, Jackson plays the role of Tim, a man trying to become a father. Ultimately, he has to make the choice of whether to impregnate his wife at a crucial moment or stay on as a getaway driver for his bank robber buddies. The project is currently in the post-production stage.

Where is Montia Sabbag Now?

Montia Sabbag filed her own lawsuit of $60 million against Kevin Hart, claiming that the actor was in on the whole act, and just wanted to do it to gain fame for his ‘Irresponsible’ tour. However, her lawsuit was initially dismissed. But then courts documents show that Montia refiled the law suit. On his part, Hart has denied all the claims made by Montia and is determined to have the lawsuit dismissed.

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