Lifetime’s Killing All My Sisters: Where was the Thriller Movie Filmed? Cast Details

‘Killing All My Sisters’ unfolds against the backdrop of a prestigious university campus, where Emily and her best friend Jenna are thrilled to begin their journey. Emily, the diligent scholar, and Jenna, a promising tennis player, share dreams of success. However, their bond is soon strained when Jenna becomes ensnared in the glamorous yet treacherous world of an elite sorority during rush week. As Jenna vanishes without a trace, Emily’s world is turned upside down. Determined to rescue her friend, Emily delves into the sinister underbelly of the sorority, uncovering dark secrets and dangerous ambitions.

The movie captures Emily’s harrowing quest to uncover the truth about Jenna’s disappearance, revealing the lengths to which the sorority will go to maintain its facade of perfection. The former puts her own life at risk, provoking the ire of the sorority’s dangerous president as she races against time to save her friend. Set against the backdrop of the university campus, the Lifetime thriller intrigues us with its familiar setting of an idyllic university campus before juxtaposing it with the twisted plot surrounding its sorority. Given the film’s picturesque backdrops that authentically simulate campus life, some enthusiasts may be inclined to dig deeper into the actual filming sites behind the production.

Killing All My Sisters Filming Locations

‘Killing All My Sisters’ was largely filmed in and around the city of Richmond, Kentucky. Principal photography reportedly took place for a few weeks, sometime between July and September of 2023. The movie was tentatively titled ‘Dying For A Bid’ before having its name changed with the release. Allow us to take you through the specific filming sites seen in the movie.

Richmond, Kentucky

The quaint city of Richmond, Kentucky, served as the main backdrop for the thrilling drama of ‘Killing All My Sisters.’ At the heart of the filming locations is the esteemed Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), which played a pivotal role in bringing the movie to life. Located exactly at 521 Lancaster Avenue in the city, the campus provided a rich tapestry of settings, from bustling academic buildings to serene natural landscapes, allowing the narrative to unfold against a backdrop of collegiate atmosphere and intrigue.

During the filming process, EKU buzzed with excitement as students, faculty, staff, and community members eagerly participated as extras, adding depth and vibrancy to the scenes. With a record-breaking turnout of 2,400 individuals, the campus came alive with the energy of collaborative creativity, showcasing the strong sense of community that permeates Richmond and its surroundings.

As cameras rolled, iconic landmarks such as North Hall, Case Dining Hall, and the Powell Building became integral elements of the cinematic landscape of EKU, seamlessly blending with the riveting narrative to create a compelling campus experience. Additionally, lesser-known gems like the Taylor Fork Ecological Area, a 1.2-mile loop at 1 Hancock Taylor Lane, and the tranquil Ravine provided a backdrop of natural beauty, adding another layer to the film’s visual storytelling.

For students involved in the production, ‘Killing All My Sisters’ offered a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the world of filmmaking, with some even securing key positions behind the scenes. A student involved behind the scenes was awed at how long a single scene was shot at times, noting that filming took place for three hours on the balcony right outside the Powell building, near the student union. Richmond’s lively streets, historically rich locales, and scenic downtown neighborhoods have cemented its status as a hidden gem for filmmakers.

Killing All My Sisters Cast

The Lifetime film is led by Isabella Carlsen, essaying the character of Emily Stevens in her debut film role. The Jacksonville, Florida-born actress has a background in musical theater from the Florida School of the Arts. Starring opposite her is Grace Patterson as Brittany. Grace is an experienced actress who became enamored with the art form when she was just 9 years old. You may have seen her in ‘Slotherhouse,’ ‘Love’s Fast Lane,’ ‘Cheer For Your Life,’ and ‘College Professor Obsession.’ It also features ‘Nightmare Pageant Moms’ star Muretta Moss as Allie Stevens, while ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ fame Key Symone appears as Madison.

Muguet Del Toro steps into the character of Jenna Rose, whereas Stephen Gray portrays the role of Spencer McMillan. The supporting cast comprises Andrew Reid as William, Sarah Kopkin as Olivia, Fiona Domenica as Daria, Gracelynn Rider as Kara, Caroline McKenzie as Gigi, Will Holland as Ryan, Clare Umberger as Shayna, and Brooke Falcone as Haley. Other cast members seen in the production are Jacob Kaufman as Chase, Courtnè Alyssa as Dana Collins, Jordan Burgess as Nicki, Leilah Star as Trish, Tracy Fisher as Officer Fleming, Karra Robinson as Mindy, and Milton Saul as a security guard.

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