Kimia and Johan: The Love is Blind Sweden Couple is Now Thriving Separately

A new yet exciting addition to the beloved ‘Love is Blind’ franchise, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ has introduced the world to several new couples that the viewers cannot help but root for. This includes the pairing of Kimia Cousarie and Johan Melin, whose brief on-screen story has captured the interest of many. After all, these two had more than their fair share of struggles, which led many to wonder about their respective current standing.

Kimia and Johan’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Kimia and Johan hit it off at the very start after they started to go on dates during their time in the pods, especially as the latter revealed he has been playing basketball for more than a decade. However, the Netflix social experiment is also known for giving its participants some very tough choices like the ones faced by the two reality TV stars. For Johan, the trouble began when he found himself attracted to both Kimia and the beautiful Meira Omar. Ultimately, unlike others, because he prefers to take things slow, he decided he would follow his own timeline instead of rushing things and continued to get to know both.

Unfortunately, though, this backfired on Johan as Meira’s other potential partner Oskar Nordstrand gave her everything she could’ve asked for – verbal reassurance, loyalty, and his sole focus. He did assert he genuinely liked her but just needed more time, but it wasn’t enough for her, and she soon broke up with him to continue things with Oskar. That’s when Johan said he was truly falling for her, but it was too little too late. But then came his sudden impulsive decision to propose to Kimia – he wanted to go through with this experiment and he knew she liked to take her time with her emotions too, so he got down on one knee.

Kimia actually said yes, only to subsequently have an honest conversation with Meira about it and understand that maybe it was a bit rushed and not for the right reasons. He thus met Jonah the following day, but before he could present her with a ring, she hashed everything out, understood his pain, and understood his decision, too, but she refused to take the ring. The couple hence ended before they even began, but the latter didn’t regret her decision one bit because she had given their time her all. On the other hand, Johan regretted not having a faster pace.

Where Are Kimia and Johan Now?

From what we can tell, Kimia and Johan have actually managed to remain on amicable terms since production came to a close back in the spring of 2023 – they’re good friends who care for one another. On a more personal front, it appears as if the former continues to serve as a cosmetic nurse in Stockholm, Sweden, to this day; plus, at the age of 34, she’s hoping she’ll find her real prince charming relatively soon. Johan, on the other hand, is 34 and continues to serve as a professional basketball athlete, and even he is hoping to find his one true love soon. Honestly, with how sincere these individuals were, we can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

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