Kitchen Nightmares: Where Are They Now? Open or Closed?

‘Kitchen Nightmares’ is a reality series set in the USA that follows the format of the British show ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.’ As a part of the show, chef Gordon Ramsay travels to restaurants across the country to help their failing business within a week. Given the effort put in by the British chef and his team in the featured restaurants between 2007 and 2014, fans of the show could not help but be curious about how the restaurants are faring after Gordon’s help. Well, here’s everything we know about the current status of the eateries shown in the series. We have listed the restaurants in the order in which they appeared in the show, starting from season 1 episode 1, going all the way up to season 7 episode 10.

Peter’s Italian Restaurant: Closed

Located in Babylon, New York, Peter’s Italian Restaurant was an eatery that specialized in Italian cuisine. The restaurant was owned by the Pellegrino family, with Tina Pellegrino being at her wit’s end as to how to deal with her brother Peter Pasta Pellegrino. The very first restaurant featured on the show gave the viewers an idea of what to expect from kitchens as the show proceeds. Peter’s was shut down in December of 2008, just more than a year after it was seen for the first time on television. The restaurant right next door expanded its premises to the space occupied by the Italian business.

Dillon’s Restaurant: Closed

Infamous for its multitude of managers and inability to decide on a food type, Dillon’s Restaurant in Manhattan, New York, was renamed by Gordon to Purnima, a Hindi word for the full moon. The British chef even brought on Indian chef Vikas Khanna to help the restaurant connect to its Indian roots. The former general manager Martin Hyde filed a lawsuit to sue Gordon. The restaurant apparently stayed in business for almost two years. In December 2009, the restaurant was shut down, with the latest reviews talking about an increase in prices and a decline in quality. The place previously occupied by the restaurant now houses Dillon’s Comedy Club at 245 West 54th Street.

The Mixing Bowl: Closed

Owned by couple Billy Galletti and Lisa Galletti, The Mixing Bowl was a restaurant in Bellmore, New York. One of the biggest issues with the restaurant’s operation was its manager Mike, whose behavior raised several red flags. The restaurant was given quite an overhaul and even revisited by Gordon in season 2. Despite the multitude of efforts made by the Kitchen Nightmares team and the staff of The Mixing Bowl, the business closed in January 2009. A Greek restaurant by the name of Greek Delight opened up in the space occupied by the Galletti business, though that too seems to have stopped operating. As of writing, Billy is the owner of Jr. Alta Foods Inc., which works in food logistics.

The Seascape Inn: Closed

The Seascape Inn may have been a well-known restaurant in the late 20th Century in Long Island, New York, but by the time Gordon visits the place, it is a sinking ship. Irene and her son Peter tried their hardest to keep the eatery open and continue Peter’s father’s legacy. The business was closed in August 2007, just a few months after the show was filmed and before the airing of the episode featuring the restaurant. The eatery was reportedly meant to re-open as The Coast, but the idea never went through. As of writing, the venue is now home to J&R’s Islip Steak House.

The Olde Stone Mill: Open

Approximately six years before the team of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ came to the restaurant, Dean Marrazzo bought an old mill and converted it into a steakhouse called The Olde Stone Mill. Despite the attractive decor, the restaurant’s food left much to be desired. Thanks to Gordon, the place turned around and gained several new customers. In 2009, Dean sold the mill to the DiNapoli family. As of writing, the business is now called DiNapoli’s Stone Mill and focuses on Italian cuisine.

Sebastian’s: Closed

Named after the owner Sebastian Di Modica, the Californian restaurant became infamous for its unique style of pizza menu that baffled Gordon. Despite the changes made by the British chef, Sebastian reverted to his old ways after Gordon left. However, in January of 2008, Sebastian reported;y informed his subscribers via mail that he and his wife Nicole would be moving to Boston for family reasons. The pizza place was replaced by Robano’s, an Italian restaurant that took full advantage of the facilities and decor provided by Gordon. In 2014, Robano’s too closed its doors, with The Red Door taking its place. The latest restaurant is open as of writing and mostly has positive reviews.

Finn McCool’s: Closed

The Irish restaurant in Westhampton, New York, was run by Buddy Mazzio. He opened the place just a day after his retirement. Gordon revisited the restaurant in the second season. It was revealed that while the sales were up, Buddy had taken a step back due to a heart attack. In 2009, the restaurant was sold to Michael Mancuso though it still remained operational. The place was reportedly shut down in March 2012 due to a lease issue. Instead of a resolution, Finn McCool’s was boarded up in June of the same year.

Lela’s: Closed

Traveling to Pomona, California, Gordon tries to help Lela’s, a fine dining restaurant. Within months of its opening, the owner, Lela Guillen, was swamped with issues and was looking forward to the help of the British chef. Despite the better service after the relaunch, the restaurant closed down due to extreme debts. The place is now home to Aladdin Jr Restaurant & Cafe, a beloved Mediterranean restaurant.

Campania: Closed

Campania, the once-successful restaurant in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, was close to shutting down its shutters after one and a half years under Joseph Cerniglia‘s ownership. After a successful relaunch, the restaurant was well on its way to becoming successful once more. Joe sold the place to Campania Holding Corp in September 2010. Just a few days after the sale, Joe jumped off the George Washington Bridge and was found dead in the Hudson River. The eatery itself was closed down in January 2011, with Sage Restaurant taking its place in March of 2012.

The Secret Garden: Closed

Given the sizeable debt that chef Michel Bardavid was under to maintain his French restaurant, The Secret Garden. Despite the menu overhaul suggested by Gordon, Michel apparently returned to his old menu. The business was closed in November of 2010. Michel sold it to Danny Margolis, who converted the place into M on High Restaurant.

Handlebar: Closed

The food business was bought impulsively by Carolyn and Billy LeRoy, who had no prior experience in the field. Their failing venture makes the couple invite Gordon Ramsay to their place and help save the business. The British chef revisited the restaurant in season 3 to see how the place was doing. However, shortly after the visit, the place was sold and remodeled in 2010 as Skybox Restaurant and Sports Bar, which also closed in 2011. As of writing, the place is known as Benchwarmer’s Tavern and Grill and is a beloved eatery in the area.

Giuseppi’s Trattoria: Closed

Giuseppi’s Trattoria shows that having experience might not be the only thing that makes a business successful. After running several flourishing eateries, Joe and Kathy Giuseppi opened the Italian restaurant Giuseppi’s Trattoria for their son Sam. However, the business was failing, and the fighting couple was not helping matters. Gordon came to the restaurant to save it, but the place closed just a little more than a year after Gordon’s appearance. In July 2009, the business closed its doors with the owners citing the worsening economy and lack of liquor license as the reasons behind the decision.

Trobiano’s: Closed

Within three years, Trobiano’s was struggling to stay in business. The owners, Anthony Trobiano, Joe, and Pat, pin their hopes on Gordon Ramsay to save the Italian restaurant. However, the eatery was apparently seized by the authorities for defaulting on taxes in October 2008. The event occurred within a month of the restaurant being featured on television.

Black Pearl: Closed

Owned by three feuding owners, Black Pearl was a seafood restaurant in New York City, New York, that sought out Gordon Ramsay. However, the restaurant shut its door just a few days after the relevant aired on television on September 25, 2008. Gordon went to revisit the business in the last episode of season 3 but found its replacement, The Hog Pit. The second place too closed down in October of 2020. One of the owners, David, wrote a long rant about the reasons behind the closure of Black Pearl, in which he derided Gordon.

J Willy’s: Closed

J Willy’s, a barbecue restaurant owned by the couple Rick and Tricia, along with their friend John William, approach Gordon to help save their once-profitable venture. The changes implemented by the British chef were upheld for a long time. However, the restaurant was apparently shut down in February 2009 due to increasing costs and loss of customers. A coffee shop replaced the restaurant but also shut down. The building that once housed J Willy’s was demolished sometime in 2015.

Hannah & Mason’s: Closed

Located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Hannah & Mason’s was a French-style bistro that only opened three evenings per week. This was due to the owner, Brian Kelly, who disliked working late. The business closed in February of 2010, with owner Chris Posner blaming a lack of customers and the terrible economy as the main reasons for the decision. He also claimed that the changed menu recommended by Gordon turned away their loyal customers.

Jack’s Waterfront: Closed

The lakeside restaurant in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, was owned by three bodybuilders who wanted to convert their failing business into a profitable one. Despite the help provided by Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant closed down in December 2010. It apparently reopened as Dockside Jack’s in March 2011 but was gone within a month. The place was sod back to the previous owners, who opened up a new eatery called Brownies on the Lake, which is still in business.

Sabatiello’s: Closed

Sammy Settembre’s Sabatiello’s was an Italian restaurant that sought out Gordon Ramsay to help save the business. The business sadly closed in October of 2008, with Sammy claiming that he was not properly compensated for the days that the eatery had to stay closed. Reportedly, before its closing, the restaurant tried its best to stay afloat and even used Gordon’s name as a promotional tactic, which failed in the end.

Fiesta Sunrise: Closed

The Mexican restaurant, Fiesta Sunrise, was owned by Vic, Patty, and Yolanda. This was their second try at running a Mexican restaurant after their previous failed business. Prior to Gordon’s arrival, the restaurant was reportedly closed in July of 2007 for not paying taxes. Its second and final shutdown took place in September 2008, even before the restaurant made its television appearance.

Santé La Brea: Closed

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Santé La Brea was a family-owned vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Gordon revised the place in season 3 and found the business flourishing, though it was missing a couple of family members. The restaurant closed its doors sometime in 2011 and apparently posted on Facebook regarding its intent to sell the place. The property is now home to Wirtshaus German Restaurant & Beer Garden and is well-liked by its customers.

Cafe 36: Closed

The restaurant was the dream of Terry Gilmer, supported by his wife, Carol Gilmer. However, after two years of running it, the failing business compelled the owners to seek out some outside help. During and after the filming of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ in the restaurant, it went through several changes that not everyone was completely on board with. On April 18, 2009, the cafe shut down, citing the economy and the massive changes as the reason behind the closure.

Hot Potato Cafe: Closed

Traveling to Fishtown, Philadelphia, Gordon visits Hot Potato Cafe, owned by Claire, Kathryn, and Erin. In order to help out the restaurant, Gordon promoted the business on television as well as on the streets. Thanks to his efforts, the restaurant started flourishing though it closed in August of 2010 due to an expired lease. The property that was once home to Hot Potato Cafe is now the venue of Lloyd Whiskey Bar, which opened in October 2012.

Flamangos: Closed

After running several successful eateries, Adele and Bill Csepi took a break from the food business. However, they came back out of retirement to run a fine dining restaurant named Flamangos with their daughter Cheryl Csepi. The family did not enjoy the filming process and returned to their old model just a week after Gordon’s departure. When the British chef revisited the place in season 4 and saw the business thriving. The restaurant closed down in April 2011 when Bill and Adele decided to retire once again. The premise is occupied by The Rail at Readington as of writing.

Bazzini: Closed

Though Bazzini had been open for five years, Paul Bazzini’s transition from Executive Chef to owner led to several issues when it came to managing the restaurant. Apparently, the restaurant closed down in June of 2010, something that Gordon was seemingly unaware of when he tried to revisit the place in season 4. Both Paul and Leslie Bazzini, the owners of the eatery, claimed that the process was not helpful, and there were deliberate attempts to create tension.

Mojito: Closed

Owned by separated couple Marcelo Arias and Maria Katalina Velez, Mojito suffered from the constant fight between the two and brought in Gordon Ramsay to find a solution. Gordon’s overhaul reduced the restaurant’s menu size considerably, reducing the workload and financial strain on the business. During the British chef’s revisit to Mojito in season 4, he was happy to see them doing good. However, the restaurant closed in March 2016 after almost 13 years of operation.

Lido di Manhattan: Open

Located in Manhattan Beach, California, Lido di Manhattan marked Lisa Hemmat’s first foray into the business. The restaurant had a loyal customer base and a professional staff that Lisa got with the place. However, that was not enough to keep the business fully afloat. With the help of Gordon Ramsay, Lisa and the staff were able to improve the restaurant. In fact, when the British chef came back for a visit, he was pretty happy with the progress made by the business. Lido di Manhattan is still open and can be found at 1550 Rosecrans Avenue, Manhattan Beach.

Le Bistro: Open

British-born and Europe-trained chef Andy Trousdale appeared as the owner of Le Bistro. The restaurant opened up in 2001 in Lighthouse Point, Florida, and is co-owned by Andy’s wife, Elin. Thanks to Gordon Ramsay’s help, Andy and his wife were able to turn their failing business around and become successful. When the show’s host revisited the restaurant, he was happy to see the business booming. Andy was quite glad to have taken part in the show as it helped with the eatery’s PR. Those interested can visit the restaurant at 4626 North Federal Highway.

Casa Roma: Closed

When the oldest restaurant in Lancaster, California, starts struggling with their business, they get help from Gordon Ramsay to hopefully save the almost 50-year-old business. When the British chef revisited the restaurant at the end of season 3, he was happy to see that the restaurant was working efficiently. There were some surprising staff changes, including the hiring of Q from Sebastian’s as the head chef of the eatery. However, after Gordon’s second visit, Casa Roma went back to its old menu rather than the one suggested by the show’s host. The eatery changed its name to The AV Roadhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill at one point and was also briefly known as CR Roadhouse. However, the establishment finally closed in July of 2017.

Mama Rita’s: Closed

Located in Newbury Park, California, Mama Rita’s was owned by Laura Papenfus. She opened the Mexican restaurant and named it after her grandma, though the struggling business needed some help. Though Gordon’s suggestions apparently uplifted the eatery’s ratings, Lara soon went back to how she used to run things before. Despite several staff changes, the restaurant finally shut down in December of 2010. However, the catering business still remained operational.

Anna Vincenzo’s: Closed

Anna Vincenzo’s in Boca Raton, Florida, was a restaurant owned by CeCe Vincenzo, who might have bitten off more than she could chew. After the production of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ on her property, CeCe seemingly continued to follow up on Gordon’s advice. However, when Gordon went back to visit the place, it was shut down. After taking to one of the servers that used to work in Anna Vincenzo’s, CeCe had apparently reverted to the way things used to be. When Gordon visited CeCe, the ex-owner shared that she wanted to focus on her family. The place apparently closed down sometime in April 2010 and was replaced by Nino’s of Boca II, which also closed permanently.

Fleming: Closed

For this particular restaurant, Gordon Ramsay made a trip to Miami, Florida. Owned by Andy Hall and his wife Suzanne, Fleming used to be a bustling business in the 80s that seemed stuck in the same era while the rest of the world had moved on. Though the establishment followed up on Gordon’s advice, they slowly brought back their old elements for their loyal customers. However, the restaurant closed in October 2010, approximately 5 months after its television appearance.

Sushi-Ko: Closed

Sushi-Ko was owned by married couple Akira Hatae and Lisa Hatae, which the pair ran with the help of their children. However, despite the attempts made by Gordon and the Hatae family, the establishment closed in August of 2009. Apparently, Lisa believed that the relaunch showcased on the show, despite the best intentions, was just a bit too late. The property became home to Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen, though that too was seemingly shut down. It was replaced by an Umami Burger outlet, though that too seems to have closed its doors.

Spanish Pavilion: Open

The first-ever Spanish restaurant in the state of New Jersey needed the help of Gordon Ramsay when it fell on hard times. Thanks to the reality show, the establishment saw a rise in its customer base. When the British chef went back to check up on Spanish Pavilion, he found several changes. The founder of the restaurant, Antonio Fernandez, sadly passed away between Gordon’s two visits. While Antonio’s grandson Jerry was still working at the eatery, his other grandson, Michael, had taken a step back. You, too, can visit the historical restaurant at 31 Harrison Avenue, Harrison.

Classic American: Closed

Run by ex-waitresses Colleen and Naomi, Classic American had several issues that needed to be tackled to keep the business afloat. After Gordon’s visit, the restaurant’s rating rocketed, and its customer base increased significantly. When Gordon went to see how the place was doing, he presented Classic American with Long Islands Best Burger Award from Good Times magazine. Despite the positive press, the eatery was shut down in August 2013. They informed the public about the same through their website. However, they continued to provide catering services.

PJ’s Steakhouse: Closed

Despite their construction background, Joe and Madalyn decided to open PJ’s Steakhouse in honor of Joe’s brother. Their inexperience led the business downhill, and the couple started to look for help. When Gordon came to help them out, he introduced several changes and even renamed the establishment PJ’s Grill. However, the pair closed down PJ’s Grill just a few weeks after the production of ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Joe and Madalyn went back to their previous field of construction. As of writing, Manor Oktoberfest, a German restaurant, stands where PJ’s Grill stood at 7311 Yellowstone Boulevard, Queens, New York.

Grasshopper Also: Closed

The Irish pub Grasshopper Also was located in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Despite its initial success, the pub went downhill, with a majority of blame falling on co-owner Mitch. The restaurant once again rose in the public’s eye, though some claimed they preferred the old menu. Grasshopper Also was sold in October 2012 and reopened with a complete makeover, including new management and workers. It was called Eastside Ale House, though that too closed sometime in 2016. It was replaced by Primetime Sports Lounge & Restaurant, which also shut down within a year. As of writing, Segovia Meson stands where Grasshopper Also used to be at 645 Washington Avenue.

Davide: Closed

The once-successful restaurant, Davide, in Boston, Massachusetts, saw a decline in business due to legal trouble within the family. Thanks to Gordon’s help, brothers Frank and Anthony were able to move past their issues and help Davide grow. When the British chef revisited the eatery, he was happy to see the restaurant doing well. However, the place was sold and closed in May 2014. The main reason behind the decision was the owners’ decision to start a farming business.

Down City: Closed

Gordon visits Down City in Providence, Rhode Island, to help Abby Cabral and Rico Conforti turn their business around. After all the help provided by the host of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the restaurant is gained more customers though some complained that they missed the old menu. However, the restaurant apparently closed down on December 10, 2011, due to a declining economy.

Cafe Tavolini: Closed

Owned by married couple Keith Restivo and Lisa Restivo, Cafe Tavolini was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. However, after the filming of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the pair separated and the place closed sometime in December 2010. Though Keith hoped to reopen the establishment, the increasing taxes and unpaid taxes seemed to have put a stop to those plans.

Kingston Cafe: Closed

Gordon Ramsay visited Pasadena, California, in order to help Kingston Cafe. When the British chef revisited the restaurant after the initial episode, he was greeted by a whole new staff. The restaurant was closed in November 2012 but was back in business sometime in November 2013, with several changes like a dance floor and an expanded bar. However, the establishment said its final goodbye in August 2018, with the owners announcing that they still offered catering and event services.

La Frite: Closed

Opened in 1972, La Frite was a French restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California, that was once successful but declined when owner Andre’s children joined the business. During Gordon’s revisit to the establishment, he found the business flourishing and could not be happier. The restaurant was bought by George Zaoui in July 2016, though the new owner kept the original name. However, the place once again changed hands in September 2017 and was renamed Modo Mio. However, the Italian restaurant at 15013 Ventura Boulevard was also closed as of writing.

The Capri Restaurant: Closed

Identical twins Jim and Jeff Thiel bought their favorite pizza place though managing it seemed to be a different issue altogether. Since Gordon’s first visit, the restaurant grew in spades and won numerous awards. The British chef himself gave the place a certificate of appreciation for their meatballs, during his revisit, from the local Chamber of Commerce. However, the establishment closed in September 2019, with the owners professing their appreciation to the public. The main reasons for the decision seem to be health issues and a decrease in sales numbers.

Zeke’s: Closed

Ellen Cortello bought the establishment after the death of the previous owner. However, the success of the original restaurant did not transfer with the change of hands. After Gordon’s visit, the eatery started doing well again, though it was reportedly closed and sold by Ellen in 2012. It was replaced by Porter & Luke’s Restaurant in the first half of 2013. The establishment is located at 1517 Metairie Road, Metairie, Louisiana.

Oceana Grill: Open

Previously owned by their father, Oceana Grill struggled under the hands of brothers Moe and Rami. However, between the filming and airing of the episode featuring the Louisiana eatery, the restaurant changed hands, and the new management apparently tried their best to salvage the reputation of their new business. They attempted to stop the episode from airing and claimed that the show and the clips that featured the eatery damaged the name of their business. You can still visit the seafood restaurant at 739 Conti Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Blackberry’s: Closed

Located in Plainfield, New Jersey, Blackberry’s Catering and Family Restaurant was a soul food restaurant started by Shelley Winters. The owner previously used to run a catering business and decided to start her restaurant. Though Gordon was disappointed with the quality of food, he loved the dessert made by Shelly’s mother, Mary. Though Gordon’s suggestions saw the restaurant doing better, Shelly ultimately closed the establishment sometime in March 2013, citing lack of growth as the reason.

Leone’s: Open

When the original owner of Leone’s fell into a coma, the family business went into the hands of Michael. However, his working style left much to be desired. After Gordon’s visit, several staff changes were made to the restaurant. In fact, the British chef was quite happy when he revisited the establishment a year later. Leone’s is still in operation and can be visited at 19 South Park Street, Montclair, New Jersey.

Mike & Nellie’s: Closed

Though Mike & Nellie’s had been in operation since 1996, by the time Gordon Ramsay appeared at the Oakhurst, New Jersey, restaurant, it had certainly seen better days. Thanks to the advice of the British chef, the family-owned business was able to gain popularity and was beloved by customers and critics. However, the eatery served its customers for the last time on January 21, 2012, before closing.

Luigi’s D’Italia: Open

Once a beloved restaurant, Luigi’s D’Italia suffered heavy losses after its original owner retired and the management was taken over by new personnel. Thanks to Gordon’s help and the dedication and zeal of those involved with the eatery, the restaurant was able to turn profitable once more. In September of 2017, Luigi’s D’Italia changed location and can be found at 1032 East Bastanchury Road, Fullerton, California.

Burger Kitchen: Closed

The episode featuring Burger Kitchen had it all. From family drama to owner-staff tensions, the Californian restaurant certainly threw Gordon for a loop. After the filming of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the establishment reportedly went through several staff changes. In 2011, it apparently went through a change in ownership that led to another revamp for the property. However, the efforts did not yield results, and Burger Kitchen closed its gates in February of 2012.

The Greek at the Harbor: Open

The Greek at the Harbor was quite successful in the 90s but fell upon hard tunes, leading to Gordon Ramsay’s appearance at the establishment. Since the eatery appeared on ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the business started booming, and the British chef’s suggestions allowed it to once again become a beloved eating spot in Ventura, California. Located at 1583 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 101, it is known as The Greek Mediterranean Steak and Seafood Restaurant or The Greek Ventura.

Michon’s: Closed

Located in College Park, Atlanta, Georgia, Michon’s was a smokehouse and restaurant started by married couple Al and Gaye in hopes of one day passing it off to their daughter, Natalie. However, when Natalie took up the reins as manager, the eatery’s downfall led the owners into debt. The restaurant closed sometime in August 2013 due to Al’s failing health. Natalie reportedly also accused the show of doctoring the episode and essentially showing a false version of events that took place in the establishment.

El Greco: Closed

The Greek restaurant, El Greco, was owned by a mother-son duo. It was once beloved by many customers but saw a decline for a whole year prior to Gordon’s visit. However, despite Gordon’s help, the debt incurred by the establishment was too big for the owners to recover from. Moreover, the locals in the area and El Greco’s loyal customers were reportedly not on board introduced by the British chef. In December of 2011, the Greek restaurant was finally shut down.

Park’s Edge: Closed

With a complicated menu and overworked staff, Park’s Edge needed all the help it could get from the team of ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Gordon’s suggestions helped the establishment gain some momentum and get into the good graces of the locals. However, even before the episode featuring the eatery aired on television, Park’s Edge reportedly failed its second health inspection. In the latter half of 2013, the establishment was looking for a new location since the lease on the original property had expired. However, the plans to relaunch after Park’s Edge closed in early 2014 never came to fruition.

Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse: Open

Open by a Greek immigrant named Saki in 1995, Spin-A-Yarn suffered from a lack of business and owners that were constantly at each other’s throats. The dispute between Saki and his wife Jennifer was a result of a remodeling gone wrong. During the process, Jennifer had not cared to budget her spending on the establishment leading to a financial disadvantage. Thanks to Gordon Ramsay’s help, the eatery business started doing better. It even retained its loyal customers by returning some fan-favorite dishes that Gordon had removed. If you are ever in Fremont, California, you can visit the eating steakhouse at 45915 Warm Springs Boulevard.

Charlie’s Italian Bistro: Closed

Tatiana Leiva took over Charlie’s Italian Bistro when the opportunity presented itself sometime in 2008. She used to work as a waitress in the establishment and hoped to continue the business that she had loved. The suggestions given by Gordon Ramsay helped Tatiana the courage to make some tough calls and turn the tides around. However, the bistro closed its gates sometime in July 2012.

Café Hon: Closed

The once-beloved Café Hon earned the public ire when the owner, Denise Whiting, decided to trademark the name of her restaurant and the word Hon. Traditionally, the term has widely been used in Baltimore, Maryland. Denise announced that she now owned the word Hon and threatened to take legal action against anyone who used it without her permission for profit. This turned the local population resentful. Gordon urged Denise to give up her rights to the word Hon and helped shape the restaurant. Slowly, the Baltimore population forgave Denise, and the restaurant remained in operation until April of 2022.

Chiarella’s Ristorante: Closed

Tommy and Dina Delphino opened Chiarella’s Ristorante in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a successor to the eponymous establishment once owned by Dina’s parents in New Jersey. However, the owners were unable to replicate the success of its predecessor, leading to the arrival of Gordon Ramsay. After Gordon’s help, the business rose to prominence, and the British chef was impressed by the improvements made by the establishment when he revised the place in season 6. However, Tommy and Dina had to close the business in June 2015. Apparently, their original lease had expired, and the property owner’s new lease asked for rent the owner could not afford. As of writing, the place is now occupied by an outlet of Rival Bros Coffee.

Zocalo: Closed

Zocalo was a Mexican restaurant owned by a husband and wife couple who were once employed in the establishment. However, the transition from a staff member to the owner was not smooth for the duo. Gordon’s suggestions helped the eatery boost its business, and the restaurant started doing good. However, the establishment reportedly closed sometime during the 2012-2013 holiday season and never opened its doors again.

La Galleria 33: Closed

Sisters Rita and Lisa opened up La Galleria 33 in hopes of replicating their father’s success, who owned a flourishing restaurant. The duo opened their business close to their father’s establishment, L’Osteria. However, the expected influx of customers to their Italian restaurant never materialized as they had hoped. Thanks to Gordon, the sisters were able to turn their failing business into a successful venture. The establishment was soon being praised by many. In the end, la Galleria closed its gates in November 2018.

Mama Maria’s: Open

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Mama Maria’s is a sister establishment of Sal’s Pizzeria. The restaurant and pizzeria are run by John, whose parents, Sal and Maria, opened up the pizzeria. However, running two businesses is a tough task. John wasn’t sure if he could trust others with his family legacy. Gordon introduces several new ideas to help the restaurant’s popularity and boost its name. As of writing, Mama Maria’s is operating well and can be found at 307 Court Street.

Ms. Jean’s Southern Cuisine: Open

Encouraged by her church peers, Jean opened up a soul food restaurant in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. However, her attitude towards her customers, staff, and any sort of criticism drove the customers away. Even her employees do not appreciate the way that Jean behaved with them. Gordon Ramsay’s appearance served as an eye-opening experience for the woman, and she tried to change her attitude and run the eatery more efficiently. Since the production of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the establishment has changed location and can be found at 807 Wallace Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Barefoot Bob’s: Closed

Barefoot Bob’s was an ocean view restaurant in Hull, Massachusetts, owned by Marc and Lisa, a married couple. Though the establishment did well during summers, its profits were nowhere near enough to handle the lack of customers in winter. After the help from the ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ team, the restaurant started doing better but soon reverted to its old ways. In December 2016, the business was closed without any notice or reasons. The property that once housed the eatery was replaced by HK Too. However, the new establishment has also closed its doors.

Olde Hitching Post Restaurant and Tavern: Open

Greek restaurateur Tom Kessaris bought Olde Hitching Post Restaurant and Tavern for his daughter, Andrea. However, the reins of the establishment were still in his hands years later. After Gordon’s intervention, Tom finally turned over the business to Andrea, who embraced the changes made by Gordon. As of writing, the restaurant is located at 48 Spring Street, Hanson, Massachusetts.

Levanti’s Italian Restaurant: Closed

Located in Beaver, Pennsylvania, Levanti’s Italian Restaurant was once a thriving business that started declining sometime prior to Gordon’s appearance at the establishment. In order to give the restaurant a new direction, Gordon converted the space into a bistro, and the place was renamed Levanti’s American Bistro. After 15 years of operation, Levanti’s closed its doors in November 2013, approximately nine months after the episode featuring the eatery aired.

Sam’s Mediterranean Kabob Room: Closed

Sam Najarr used to be an employee at the Mediterranean restaurant in the 80s before becoming the owner in 1997. The once-successful restaurant was at its last legs when Gordon came to help the situation. Though there were reports surrounding a staff change in the establishment after the production of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the eatery ultimately was shut down in January of 2014. Sam claimed that the show did not help matters as much as he had hoped.

Nino’s Italian Restaurant: Closed

Nino’s Italian Restaurant was a family business that suffered from a lack of equal distribution of work among siblings. Gordon’s appearance and suggestions allowed many to see their shortcomings and how to overcome them. Sadly the establishment closed in August of 2016 in the wake of the passing of Vincenzo Cristiano in 2014. The family members decided to close the business and spend more time with each other. The building was reportedly sold for almost two million dollars.

Mill Street Bistro: Closed

Located in Norwalk, Ohio, Mill Street Bistro was opened by Joe Nagy after he lost his previous job. However, Joe’s inexperience and self-assuredness were not helping the establishment. After Gordon’s appearance at the eatery, some of the suggestions implemented were the British chef were indeed continued. In 2013, Joe relaunched and rebranded his business as Maple City Tavern. The owner also sued Gordon’s production company for missing items and damages though the matter was settled outside the court. Joe sold the restaurant in February of 2016 for a reported sum of $140,000.

Yanni’s Greek Restaurant: Open

Operating since 1984, Yanni’s is a family-owned establishment that was having a tough time adapting to the changes around them. The owner, Peter Augustio, was often at odds with his daughter Alyse due to their similar temperaments but differing opinions. The changes suggested by Gordon were implemented with zeal in the establishment. However, some of the fan favorites did come back on the menu. The restaurant is still in operation at 7419 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, Washington.

Prohibition Grille: Closed

Prohibition Grille was started by professional dancer Rishi Brown under the impression that running a restaurant would be similar to operating a dance company. Unfortunately, her expectations did not turn into reality as she kept losing a huge sum of money every year. The establishment closed its gates in July 2017, though Rishi had transferred the ownership to another person in 2016.

Chappy’s: Closed

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Chappy’s was a Cajun restaurant owned by John “Chappy” Chapman and his wife, Starr. The establishment originally operated in Long Beach, Mississippi, but had to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina. The move proved to be a bad decision for the restaurant, as Chappy’s could not recreate its previous success. Gordon’s suggestions and actions meant to help the establishment were overturned soon after the British chef left. The restaurant was closed on June 18, 2013, as it was seized by the authorities due to tax defaults. Since then, John Chapman has started new ventures, but most were shut down after a small duration.

Amy’s Baking Company: Closed

Every Kitchen Nightmares fan is sure to be aware of this iconic restaurant. Owners Samy Bouzagio and Amy Bouzagio became infamous due to their conduct on the show, and the negative publicity made them household names. The establishment made show history as the only place that Gordon Ramsay gave up on, which is saying something. After the episode aired, the two owners tried to make the best of the situation. From selling merchandise that used quotes from ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ to appearing on other reality shows, they did not sit out the waves of criticism from the viewers. Amy’s Baking Company was closed and reopened several times before it finally shut its doors in September 2015 due to disputes with the landlord.

Pantaleone’s: Open

Pantaleone’s was another restaurant that was not able to move forward with the time. Once beloved by its customers, the establishment was struggling to maintain its finances. Though Gordon’s suggestion and changes initially cost the eatery some of its regulars, Pantaleone’s television appearance made it immensely popular among the locals. If you are ever in Denver, Colorado, you can visit the pizza restaurant at 2120 South Holly Street.

Old Neighborhood Restaurant: Closed

Randy and Alexa, a married couple, bought Old Neighborhood Restaurant after having worked there as staff members. The two bought the establishment around 25 years before Gordon Ramsay visited the place. After the magic worked by the British chef, the restaurant was able to turn around but closed its doors on May 1, 2016. The establishment was sold and closed after 36 years of operation under different owners.

Kati Allo: Closed

Kati Allo, a Greek restaurant in Queens, New York, was run by Manny and Christina, a married couple. After the filming of ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ the establishment started doing better. The eatery closed its doors days after the episode aired on television. The closure was supposed to be temporary as the owners had apparently wished to renovate. However, they never reopened and were instead by another restaurant business called Kalamaki Greek Restaurant.

Mangia Mangia: Closed

Julie Watson, a former realtor, looked towards Gordon Ramsay to better the condition of her Italian restaurant, Mangia Mangia. The changes made by the British chef and his team helped the restaurant’s reputation. However, Julie did bring back some of the old elements and food items. Ultimately, the restaurant closed its doors in November 2014.

Zayna Flaming Grill: Open

Fayza and her niece Brenda opened up Zayna Flaming Grill to turn their dreams into reality. However, even Fayza’s 15 years of running a food truck were not enough to prepare the duo for what would entail when the two started the restaurant. Gordon’s pointers helped the establishment attract more customers, though Feyza’s behavior had, apparently, not changed. In September 2015, Zayna Flaming Grill was handed over to its new owner, Ray Younis. You can enjoy the food served by the restaurant at 1310 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, California. Alternatively, you can avail the catering services provided by the eatery.

Bella Luna Ristorante: Closed

Owned by Rosario Scollo, Bella Luna Ristorante was an Italian Restaurant in Easton, Pennsylvania. As of writing, the establishment is the last place to have been remodeled in ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Despite the positive results after Gordon’s appearance, the restaurant was shut down in November 2013, months before the eatery made it on television. The closure occurred due to disputes between the owner and the landlord over rent payments.

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