Kris Jenner Surprises Her Best Friend in Season 2 of Celebrity IOU

HGTV’s ‘Celebrity IOU’ is a literal blockbuster reality program where home renovation experts Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help A-list celebrities surprise their loved ones with a makeover of their residence. In each heartwarming episode, the Hollywood personalities use this process to show their deep appreciation to the individuals who’ve had a significant impact on their lives, whether it is personal or professional. Absolutely no one can ever come between a celeb and their friends; this show roars with each new installment. So, of course, its season 2 episode 5, ‘Kris Jenner’s Backyard Retreat Surprise,’ is no different.

Kris and Lisa’s Friendship

According to the official HGTV synopsis for this chapter, “Kris Jenner and daughters Kim Kardashian and Kendall are teaming up with Jonathan and Drew to surprise long-time family friend, Lisa, with a show-stopping renovation; Kris and Lisa have seen each other through everything over the past 40 years.” In a friendship that has lasted this long, it comes as no surprise when Kris admits that Lisa is like an aunt to her daughters, so she simply wants to see her happy. “I love Lisa with all my heart, so this is the least that I can do for my beautiful friend to help her heal,” she candidly stated, referring to the loss her best friend has suffered.

Unfortunately, in a single year, Lisa lost her life partner and mother, which led her down a spiral where she couldn’t figure out what life means to her. She had managed to save quite a lot of money to buy a house in the same neighborhood as Kris and renovate all of its interiors. Yet, eventually, Lisa could not afford to do anything with the backyard. That’s when Kris chose to step in and help her friend in her time of need in the only way she knew how. “I feel like I have been given a gift, because I was able to do this for Lisa,” Kris said in a press release. “She gets to start making new memories and have a fresh start.” And that means the world to the momager.

Kris Jenner is Not Afraid of Getting Her Hands Dirty

Although it’s a struggle to get a hold of Kris Jenner at first due to her busy schedule, when she does answer Drew and Jonathan Scott’s inquiries and shows up to help out, she and her two daughters waste no time in turning Lisa’s outdoor space into a “spa-like oasis.” Kendall hops on an excavator, and as Jonathan exclaims, “All right, let ‘er rip!,” she tries to operate it for the first time. The supermodel admits that the demolishing, despite being a little bumpy, “was really fun.” After seeing her daughter accomplish this, Kris Jenner starts hammering away at an old patio herself, telling Kendall, “Okay, let me show you how this is done.”

“Kris Jenner is not someone who shies away from a challenge,” Drew says of the momager as she works in the yard. “This ugly eyesore of a concrete slab has no chance against this mother-daughter duo.” Later, the 65-year-old admits that using the jackhammer was her favorite part of the day and razing process, jokingly remarking, “You can really get a lot of frustration out!” This episode turns out to be an emotional one as Kris, Kendall, and Kim succeed in surprising Lisa by turning her Southern California property into her dream home, complete with olive trees, a top-of-the-line outdoor kitchen, a pool, and a new lounge area with a fireplace.

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