Kyle Viljoen From Below Deck Med: All We Know About Him.

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Journeying across the horizon aboard a superyacht, ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ chronicles the journey of a group of crew members as they work to provide an array of services on a yacht. Bravo’s reality television show features the dramatically induced situations that the crew members tackle as they seek to make their guests feel welcome. Laced with romance and love triangles, the reality series features the intense conditions that inevitably occur as workplace relationships begin to dwindle. The ‘Below Deck’ spin-off has continued to garner renown since its inception in 2016. Fans have been curious to know everything about Kyle Viljoen since his entry in season 7 as the second steward.

Kyle Viljoen’s Family Is His Biggest Treasure

Brought up in a nurturing environment, Kyle embraced a plethora of experiences from a young age. Growing up in South Africa with his brother, the television personality always had a friend and confidant to rely upon. Besides the adoration he shares for his sibling, Kyle has also been open about the love he shares for his parents.

Crediting them with the ability to teach him kindness and compassion, the 31-year-old has repeatedly iterated that his family remains his biggest treasure. Apart from familial bonds, Kyle received his education at the University of Pretoria, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Later, he studied aviation and aeronautics at EPT Aviation School and qualified to become a SETA-approved Assessor. Consequently, he decided to pursue his passion.

Kyle Viljoen’s Professional Journey Started With Flight Attendant Role

In line with his relevant training in the aerospace industry, Kyle decided to start working as a flight attendant. Initially, he started working with airlines such as Skywise Airline and Safari Pvt Ltd. In 2014, he joined Qatar Airways and stayed with the company for a period of three years. Here, he didn’t just take charge of managing the crew but also overlooked the operations of the flight deck and ensured that there were no bottlenecks during the flight.

Later, he held a short stint with Aviation All 4 U as the Director of Operations. Under its purview, not only did Kyle maintain the day-to-day operations of the business, but he also used his acumen in marketing and finance to arrive at better solutions. Finally, in 2019, he decided to make the shift to the yachting industry and decided to join hands with a few motor yachts in Miami, Florida. During this time, he was a Chief Steward and Deckhand for Namaste.

Subsequently, he found himself entranced by everything that yachting has to offer. Naturally, the next step led him to the Bravo reality show. Not just this, he continued to expand his skills in the other areas as well. The reality star has briefly worked as a Recruitment Consultant for Indie Pearl, a company established by Natasha Webb, the Chief Stewardess from ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’

Kyle Viljoen’s Fiancé is a Physical Therapist

The seventh season of the ‘Below Deck’ spinoff witnessed a whirlwind romance between Kyle and yacht guest Frank. After the duo immediately clicked onboard, it became impossible for them to stay apart. However, the jitters that whisked away Kyle and Frank into bliss were ultimately momentary. After the cameras stopped rolling, the duo went their separate ways. Nevertheless, Kyle has still found happiness with his partner and fiance, Dr. Zachary Riley, a physical therapist.

After crossing paths with each other in 2021, it became apparent to Kyle and Zachary that they shared a deep connection. Subsequently, it didn’t take time for their relationship to progress and for sparks to flow. On November 8, 2022, Kyle decided to bend the knee and pose the ultimate question to his boyfriend. The reality star proposed to his boyfriend atop Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Shortly after, the couple shared the happy news with fans on social media. While the duo has yet to tie the knot, it is apparent that their love for each other is ever-growing.

Kyle regularly takes to his Instagram account to showcase his adoration for his partner. In a recent post on the social media platform, the star exulted, “What more could I have asked for? The waking morning coffee; The street walks and wish upon a west side home; The uncontrollable laughter looking over the city; The excitement of Jameson’s tail; The pillow talk and comfortable stretches; The depth of our future aspirations; The look of this picture now forever.”

Besides sharing such moments of bliss, the couple also take care of their furry baby, Jameson. Apart from his success as a yachtie, Kyle has also collaborated on a ‘Project Runway’ and ‘Below Deck’ crossover. Naturally, we continue to await all the professional and personal milestones that lie ahead in Kyle’s incandescent future.

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