Where is Lashanta White From My 600-lb Life Today?

The TLC original series ‘My 600-lb Life‘ is one that documents the weight loss journey of a different individual every episode. They start with a minimum weight of 600 lbs (270 kgs) and work for a year to reduce that to become a healthier and fitter version of themselves. The whole process is done in Houston with the help of Dr. Now (Dr. Younan Nowzaradan), a strict diet, and enabling surgeries, and then broadcasted to us on our television screens. One such individual who appeared on the show was Lashanta White.

Lashanta White My 600-lb Life Journey

We were first introduced to the 39-year-old Lashanta White from Kenner, Louisiana, on season 7, episode 16 of the show. The mother of four weighed 662 lbs and was practically bed-bound for more than two years due to her debilitating lymphedema. She was afraid life was passing by and had just one goal – get healthier before turning 40. 

She was willing to meet Dr. Now in his office in Houston and get the help she needed to reach her goal but couldn’t find anyone to assist her in making the trip. Her mother, who sometimes was her caregiver, and her boyfriend JT, were of no support to her. While her mother said the words “no mom wants no fat ass daughter,” he said that he wouldn’t want to be with her if she lost too much weight.

Fortunately, Lashanta’s sons stepped up and took her to Houston to see Dr. Now, where she was subsequently told that she was too big to get the weight loss surgery immediately as it would be unsafe. She had to work on her health herself first before any medical help could be provided and was given strict orders and a diet plan. So, her year-long weight loss journey began.

Where is Lashanta Now?

Lashanta’s weight loss journey in the first eight months of the program was virtually non-existent. The fact that her boyfriend, JT, broke up with her during that didn’t help the situation either. “Without JT, I don’t have anyone to help me no more.” She said on the show after her breakup, “So I’m really depressed about this because it feels like every time I try to turn my life around and get my head above water, it just feels like something’s there to trip me up and drag me back down.”

It was only in month nine when Dr. Now right out told her that he wouldn’t be able to help her unless she started losing weight, that she started to take things seriously. In her final three months, Lashanta dropped an astounding 133 lbs all on her own and got approved for the weight loss surgery.

The only condition put forth by Dr. Now was that she first needed to regain her mobility. “Once you’re able to get up and walk, then we do weight loss surgery,” he tells Lashanta. Towards the end of the episode, she was heard saying, “I can’t wait for all the positive and good stuff coming to me.”

While she seems to be focusing on her health even now, she has never revealed the exact amount of weight she lost. Lashanta also appears to have a strict rule about only posting neck up images on her social media accounts, but even with that, the difference is obvious. Her Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of her weight loss updates, along with posts that include her makeup and nail-art. Her YouTube channel, on the other hand, is where she uploads videos of herself singing.

She hasn’t yet revealed whether or not she will appear on a Where Are They Now? follow-up episode, but we do hope to see her again and wish her further progress and happiness in life.


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