Late Night with the Devil: All Shooting Sites of the Horror Movie

From the minds of Cameron and Colin Cairnes, ‘Late Night with the Devil’ tells the shocking story of a 1970s late-night talk show hosting a communion with the devil. Jack Delroy, the host of Night Owls with Jack Delroy, struggles with low ratings on his show and the death of his wife. In a bid to garner attention for his broadcast on the night of Halloween, he invites a parapsychologist and the survivor of a Satanic mass suicide. The premise draws television viewers from across the country to the live broadcast as the host attempts to summon the Devil himself. Dr. June Ross-Mitchell, the parapsychologist, warns Jack that her subject is becoming increasingly unstable. Dismissing her warnings, Jack carries on with the program, and things begin to go horribly wrong.

Presented in a found footage style, the horror film draws us into an earlier era of live talk shows, which exude an unsettling character by themselves. Alongside the steadily building suspense that sets up the main act, the film grips us with its synergistic mix of flashy showmanship and possession horror. A chief draw of the film is the setting of the 70’s talk show itself. The stage sports bold, psychedelic colors and is adorned with geometric patterns, while the lighting is soft and moody, creating a fascinating yet disconcerting atmosphere. Thus, enthusiasts of the genre and the film may be inclined to investigate the real-life locations that contribute to its creation.

Where Was Late Night with the Devil Filmed?

The filming for ‘Late Night with the Devil’ took place entirely in Melbourne, Australia, and was carried out largely within a movie studio. Principal photography began in late June 2022 and was concluded within three weeks in mid-July 2022. The team behind the film was really excited about the work they helped breathe life into and shared their jubilations on social media. “Much love to Cameron and Colin Cairnes for making this future cult classic and assembling such an awesome cast and crew,” wrote actor Fayssal Bazzi after wrapping up the film. Let us take a closer look at the film’s shooting location in the Southern Hemisphere.

Melbourne, Australia

Nestled on the southeastern coast of Australia, Melbourne became the primary filming location for ‘Late Night with the Devil.’ The sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis serves as the capital of the state of Victoria and is considered one of the best cities in the world to reside in. When it came to filming ‘Late Night with the Devil,’ the film’s team chose the Docklands Studios Melbourne at 476 Docklands Drive, which led to an incredibly efficient production process.

After having scouted other sites and converted warehouse spaces in Melbourne, the directors landed at the Gravity Media Production Centre, housed in stage five of Docklands Studios. Comprised of six sound stages, production offices, a workshop building, and a costume department, the studio served as a shooting site that allowed the creators to seamlessly bring their vision to life. The particular soundstage chosen for ‘Late Night with the Devil’ is a TV broadcast center, which gave the production team a leg up as it already had audience seating, gleaming floors, television infrastructure, and a rig and lighting setup.

Under production designer Otello Stolfo, the team put together the set of a 1970s talk show complete with Halloween decorations, vintage television cameras, and a bulb-lined backdrop. “Everyday it felt like walking into a time capsule. It felt like we actually were in TV studio in downtown Manhattan in 1977,” said co-director Colin in an interview. “It really helped bring the film to life.”

Without having to shift filming locations from the studio, the production process was carried out at blinding speed, and shooting for the movie was wrapped up within only three weeks. The filmmakers appreciated the facilities that allowed all the art departments, makeup, and cast rooms to be easily interconnected. “The fact we were all in the same building and we were all a one-minute walk from each other, it just made our lives that much easier.” said Colin in the aforementioned interview. The studio has also housed the filming of ‘Predestination,’ ‘Berlin Syndrome,’ and ‘Winchester.’

Additionally, the central location of the studio allowed the cast and crew members to explore the beauty of Melbourne with leisure. Leading actor David Dastmalchian briefly toured the city with his family after the shooting. He took to social media to express his delight at having worked on the film and shared his family trip to the ghost train in Luna Park and a visit to the Zoo.

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