LaTisha and Keith Collier From Love During Lockup: All We Know About the Couple

Image Credit: LaTisha Collier/Instagram

In a feat to prove love’s pervading power, ‘Love During Lockup’ features the fate of felons and their significant other. With the added difficulties that inevitably result from incarceration, the show features whether or not the couples share genuine affection for each other or are simply with their significant other for other reasons. Like its predecessors, season 5 of the reality television show also features the tale of a sordid love story. Latisha and Keith are one of the couples who have made fans curious. So, if you also want to know more about them, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

LaTisha and Keith’s Age and Background

At 35, Keith “Lil Mike” Collier had his share of ups and downs growing up. Keith was brought up in a big family with a number of siblings. While the reality star did study at UCLA, he still faced personal issues. With a childhood full of personal tribulations, Keith has had to jump several hoops. On the other hand, 36-year-old LaTisha, a BBA graduate from Strayer University, also faced her share of issues but continued to carve a path for herself. Currently based in Iowa, LaTisha used her degree to further her career.

LaTisha and Keith’s Profession

With expertise in accounting and management, LaTisha owns and is the CEO of Boss Tax and Accounting Services. The star’s clientele includes people from the Quad City areas of Iowa and Illinois. LaTisha also caters to clientele virtually across all 50 states. The star is an expert in credit needs, managing bankruptcy, and handling tax preparation. While LaTisha owns a successful business practice, Keith’s life led to a different path post his education.

Keith’s life took a drastic turn after college, ultimately costing him a prison sentence that has lasted for more than a decade. In 2010, Keith lost his brother Michael Collier. The years that followed led the reality star to partake in reckless activities. Keith was arrested on counts of drug possession in August 2013. In the following year, Keith entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to prison in November 2014. The Federal Bureau Prisons website dictates that Keith’s impending release should be on September 18, 2025.

LaTisha and Keith: United Despite Challenges, Co-Parenting Their Kids

Despite their travails, Keith and LaTisha’s unfettered bond has prevailed against public dismay, lockup, and physical distance. The couple’s relationship has progressed from pen pals to lovers and finally to husband and wife. Crediting Keith’s ability to win her over with his goodness, LaTisha continues to showcase her pride in her husband. In addition to the adoration and respect the reality stars share for each other, they also showcase equal affection for each other’s children.

While LaTisha has two daughters, Keith is also a father to three children. LaTisha consistently takes to social media to showcase her respect and support for her husband, but their relationship still needs to jump a number of roadblocks. With Keith’s official release date pegged to be two years away, the couple remains hopeful that they will be able to overcome the impediments effortlessly. Nevertheless, we continue to wish LaTisha and Keith the best and hope they set new milestones in their future!

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