Laura Goldin: Ken Goldin’s Daughter is a Proud Media Planner Today

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that it took hard work for Ken Goldin to earn the title of arguably the biggest rare collectible trader/auctioneer in the world, but it’s something he prides himself upon. Yet this does mean that those directly rising from his tutelage and his children have an advantage since they can make use of his connections to rise up too. However, as indicated across the two seasons of ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch,’ his eldest daughter, Laura Goldin, is so determined to make a name for herself that she chooses to reject his offer to join the company.

Laura Goldin Does Have an Interest in Collectibles

Considering Laura Goldin was born to Ken and his first wife Jennifer back in 2000, while the former was already well on his way to establishing the leading marketplace for trading cards, collectibles, and memorabilia, she ended up developing an interest in the same too. However, her interest has always been more subdued, considering she has occupied her time with other hobbies/ventures, too, only to end up refusing a job offered by her father. From normal teenage jobs such as camp counselor to reception to serving as a Customer Service Associate at Goldin for two years while she completed her studies, she did it all.

Though the most prominent was Laura’s decision to take up different sales, marketing, as well as public relations internships while she was at Syracuse University, majoring in economics and minoring in marketing plus psychology. Therefore, of course, by the time she graduated in 2022, she had both theoretical and practical knowledge of the field she had always been interested in, helping her secure an actual job in New York. Nevertheless, she continues to spend most of her free time at Goldin Auctions and has since even secured some deals all by herself, making it clear that she very well can join her father’s business one day – the door isn’t closed.

Where is Laura Goldin Now?

It was in July 2022 that Laura landed the role of Assistant Media Planner at an advertising agency by the name of Merkley + Partners in New York, only to be promoted to Media Planner by August 2023. Therefore, today, at the age of 24, that’s the position she maintains to this day, all the while juggling her personal relationship, part-time work with her father, as well as having fun whenever possible. She herself doesn’t seem to be a collector of anything in any way, shape, or form, yet it’s evident she respects those who are and is proud to call herself the daughter of one.

Laura admittedly knows her strengths and weaknesses, which is why she has never taken a leap of faith to handle consignments from start to finish, but that did change in season 2. Not only did she approach connections and expand that relationship further, but she also closed a deal without her father around – and a big one at that; she secured the overcoat Kate Winslet wore in ‘Titanic’ while the ship was sinking for an auction. And now, it seems like it’ll only help her expand her wings further as she continues down the professional path while also satiating her wanderlust – she’s a travel enthusiast, whether it be beautiful cities of Europe or different beaches, she loves it all.

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