Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano: RainO’s Parents Own a Resort Today

Image Credit: Livy Raiano/Facebook

The ordeal of losing touch with one’s child and being cut off from their life is something no one wants to experience. However, when Dean and Kelly Wilking faced this situation and alleged that the Shekinah Church was manipulating their daughter, Miranda Derrick, they reached out to others in similar circumstances. This led them to contact Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano, whose son Nick “RainO” Raiano had also been involved with the church. In Netflix’s ‘The Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,’ Lawrence and Migdalia shared their experiences in the documentary, describing their profound difficulties.

Who are Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano?

Lawrence and Migdalia were settled in Atlanta, raising their two sons, Nick and Michael. They took great pride in the family they had built and dreamed of a bright future for both of their children. They were fully supportive when Nick Raiano expressed his desire to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Understanding the importance of following one’s passions, they didn’t hesitate to bid him farewell. They were eager to see Nick spread his wings and embark on his new journey, excited about all the possibilities and opportunities the future held for him.

Despite the distance, they remained hopeful and proud, eagerly anticipating Nick’s accomplishments in his dance career. After Nick moved to Los Angeles, his communication with his parents gradually deteriorated. He told them he was busy with shoots or engaged with practice, responding to their texts slowly and rarely picking up their calls. Initially dismissing this as typical youthful behavior, Lawrence and Migdalia grew increasingly concerned as they realized they barely talked to Nick. This prompted them to fly to Los Angeles to speak to Nick in person.

Lawrence and Migdalia stated that when they arrived at 7M Films, they tried ringing the bell, but no one responded. They couldn’t call Nick either, as he had blocked their numbers. Desperate, they threw pebbles at a window they thought was Nick’s but received no response. After Dean and Kelly Wilking made a video about their daughter, Miranda Derrick, being part of an alleged cult disguised as 7M Films, several members left, and others began contacting their family members. It was alleged that Robert Shinn, the agency’s founder, had permitted them to do so.

Where are Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano Now?

Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano have made numerous attempts to reconnect with Nick and include him in their lives. They took to social media, urging him to join them for his brother’s wedding. They repeatedly communicated that they would continue visiting 7M, providing him with flight details to encourage his return. Despite their relentless efforts, Nick remains with 7M and maintains minimal contact with his parents. He has even asked Migdalia to stop sending him pictures from home, indicating no intention of changing his mind or reestablishing close ties with his family.

Lawrence and Migdalia Raiano have not given up on their love for Nick and constantly remind him of how proud they are of him and how much they care. Migdalia frequently shares his pictures and remains quite politically vocal. She studied at Universidad de Salamanca and worked as a teacher at the Georgia Department of Education. She has expressed her opinions on various issues, including the mass destruction in Palestine, conversion therapy institutions, dogmatism, anti-war, and anti-radicalism stances. In May 2024, Lawrence and Migdalia celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary and went on a small trip to Panama Beach to take a well-deserved break from the hurdles in their lives.

Lawrence currently runs a luxury beach resort in Panama Beach called Panama City Beach Luxury Rental, located at the Calypso Tower, which he started in 2022. This venture has been quite successful, as evidenced by the positive reviews he receives from the guests. Before this, he worked at State Farm for over three decades. A University of Tampa graduate, Lawrence has settled into a comfortable life and enjoys spending time with his wife, Migdalia, his younger son, Michael, his daughter-in-law, Ariana, and the rest of his family.

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