League of Legends Arcane: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

League of Legends‘, also known as LoL, is one of the most popular fantasy-themed MOBA PC games. With over 60 million active users, despite being one of the oldest in its genre, the game is still very well-known for its insane blend of real-time strategy aspects with RPG elements.

The game follows a very basic format of battles where two teams compete against one another fight off each other’s main structure, referred to as “the nexus”. Its awesome character variety, player customization and competitive ladder system have made it immensely popular. With such a huge fanbase, an anime adaptation of it always seemed like a possibility but now that it’s actually happening, we can’t help but get absolutely exhilarated over what Riot Games can now offer in a whole new format of entertainment. Here’s everything we know about League of Legends Arcane animated series.

League of Legends Arcane Release Date: When will it premiere?

With an extremely loyal fan base that equally comprises of both teens and adults, ‘League of Legends’ has grown into one of the biggest video game franchises of our time. With more than a million gamers worldwide, the video game now has complex deeply-rooted lore that deserves to be explored in other formats as well. With the recent announcement of the game’s anime adaptation, it really looks like Riot Games has been looking out for potential opportunities to expand to different venues. Many fans of the game had speculated that Riot Games would have something special in store for them on their 10th Anniversary but little did they know that the creators would now be willing to explore a whole new medium.

Among all the other things that were announced in the 10th Anniversary event, it was revealed that an anime adaptation is in the works. No official word regarding its release date has been announced yet, but its recent trailer (check out below) reveals that the anime will premiere in 2020. The anime will be developed and produced internally by Riot itself and will be animated by Fortiche Productions. Since the project is still in infancy, information regarding it remains scarce. But as soon as we get any further confirmation or news regarding its release, we will surely update it here.

League of Legends Arcane English Dub:

‘Arcane’ will be premiered on an existing popular streaming service but its home has not been announced yet.

League of Legends Arcane Plot:

The backstories and lore of ‘League of Legends‘ have always been extensively vast with tons of characters and themes involved in it. So an animated series does make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, as of now, nothing much about its plot has been revealed by Riot Games. But from the recent trailer of the series itself, we can deduce some of our own theories about it.

The new trailer, with its stunning CG and animation, reveals new champions in its extended world-building. These new champions might seem unfamiliar in the beginning but if you look closely, they sure do look a lot like Jinx and Vi who have previously been hinted as sisters. The official description of the show is, “From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the origins of two iconic League champions – and the power that will tear them apart.”

Vi is a badass mecha cop who has huge metallic fists and Jinx is a sunny and cheerful terrorist who does not hold herself back when it comes to slinging out her wide array of weapons and bombs. Fans of the game have always speculated a potential blood relation between the characters and have formulated many theories over the years.

So from the looks of it, the anime will finally give us the much-needed backstory that confirms fan theories and dwells deep into the past of the two characters. And if we are right about everything that we’ve predicted about the plot so far, we can also expect an origin story of the two characters that will emphasize how they were separated in the first place. First impressions of it also indicate that it could be set in the City of Piltover and also the polluted district of Zaun which keeps reappearing in several scenes of the trailer.

League of Legends Arcane Characters:


Jinx, who lives by the words, “Volatile explosives are a girl’s best friend!”, is a lunatic criminal who heads from the undercity of Zaun. Using the broad spectrum of weapons that she possesses, she maniacally wreaks havoc without concerning herself with the consequences of any of it. Driven by boredom, she joyfully brings chaos all around her to feel alive. While most view her as a wildcard who can snap at any given moment, only a few remember her as a sweet young innocent girl from Zaun who would never really fit in. But what remains a mystery is how she ended up clicking her own switch of sanity which drives into committing all the brutal notoriety in the present. With random targets and unknown intentions, she’s just a “loose cannon” who gets pleasure out of her wanton acts of ravaging.

In appearance, she has extremely long blue hair that she ties up into two pigtails with pink bands. She usually carries all of her weapons with her and sports high brown colored boots. She has grim red eyes and sports an evil smirk on her face at all times. Her gleeful attitude towards mass destruction truly reflects on her body language. Her weapons include pow-pow, some fishbones, a zapper, chompers and a super mega-rocket.


Vi is a hotheaded criminal from the streets of Zuan who does not really remember much about her past. The few things she remembers just drive her into becoming more impulsive towards authority figures. She has two extremely strong giant mecha fists known as the mighty hextech gauntlets and she can use these to shatter her enemies with just one single punch. She has bright pink hair that often demands the attention of those around her and she always walks around with a stern expression on her face. While growing up, she even formed her own gang and just because she relied on her fists a bit too much, she would often be seen with scars and black eyes. With time, she learned to do things her way and earned the reputation of being someone who gets shit done.

League of Legends Arcane Trailer:

Check out the exciting announcement trailer of the show below:

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