Gwan-hee and Hye-seon: Are the Single’s Inferno Couple Still Together?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘ is one of the most exciting reality dating shows to have premiered in recent years owing to its sheer sincerity. After all, it carefully revolves around a group of young, flirty Koreans as they search for love amongst each other on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples for luxurious date nights. So now that season 3 of this original has landed on our screens in its entirety, let’s just find out more about one such pair to have made it to the end — Lee Gwan-hee and Choi Hye-Seon — shall we?

Gwan-hee and Hye-seon’s Single’s Inferno Journey

From the moment Gwan-hee first came across Hye-seon upon walking into Inferno, he was smitten with her big smile and vibrant demeanor because they told him she had a great personality. On the other hand, she was rather attracted to his confident charm as well as open efforts to talk to her during lunch, which is why she chose him for the first trip to Paradise without hesitation. They thus obviously matched, leading them to spend that initial night all alone, just getting to know one another on a deeper level — whether it be their ages, jobs, or core values, no topic was off limits.

Gwan-hee and Hye-seon actually got a great read of one another in these few hours before briefly also speaking of maybe getting to know others, yet everything changed the following morning. The latter was asked to leave in the middle of their Paradise breakfast to meet another match, shortly after which it became clear that there were two Infernos and this duo was splitting up. That’s when the former met Yun Ha-jeong too, only to be utterly enamored by her bubbly personality, comparable sense of humor, plus quick wit, making him drop his thoughts of Hye-seon.

The truth is Gwan-hee subsequently went to Paradise with Ha-jeong, yet once he returned to a mixed Inferno and spoke to Hye-seon one-on-one, he knew he couldn’t immediately pick one woman. Both of this 36-year-old pro basketball athlete’s potential partners matched his level and had a lot to offer, even if they were poles apart in some aspects; plus, he was also curious about Kim Gyu-ri. Though little did he know that voicing this honesty in front of the entire group would cause the women to be miffed by him, resulting in Ha-Jeong going as far as to scold him for his cavalier attitude.

Then came midway newcomer Cho Min-ji, who soon found herself drawn to Gwan-hee too — albeit, by this point, he wasn’t interested in Gyu-ri and felt there was some distance with Ha-Jeong. As for Hye-seon, she was admittedly constantly at the back of his mind, making him publicly care for her through small acts of services, that is, until she chose Son Won-ik for a Paradise trip. He was genuinely annoyed by this despite them having previously discussed their curiosities — she’d made it clear she liked him but wanted to get to know Won-ik, yet it rubbed him the wrong way.

The fact some others thought Hye-seon was solely interested in Won-ik didn’t help matters either since it further pushed Gwan-hee to Min-ji, resulting in them soon going to Paradise too. However, as fate would have it, it was the initial duo that ended up going on the final night away, making them a lot more comfortable with one another — they even spoke of their possible future together. But alas, a conversation with Min-ji in Inferno later on stirred up Gwan-hee again, and he didn’t realize his true emotions until Hye-seon finally told him she was done making efforts and afterward broke down.

Gwan-hee and Hye-seon Still Seem to be Involved

Gwan-hee was honestly most attracted to the person expressing their feelings to him at the moment, all the while playing into his hypotheses, but Hye-seon was constantly in the back of his mind. Seeing her cry hence seemingly shattered him too, driving him to finally do some self-reflection, understand his own long-term desires, and ultimately pick her as his true, sole partner on decision day. “The conversations we had yesterday and in Paradise were the ones you could only have with someone you connect with,” he candidly said post-selection. “I think that’s why I couldn’t get over her.”

Gwan-hee then added, “If I chose Min-ji, I knew I’d think of Hye-seon. But if I chose Hye-seon, I had a feeling that I wouldn’t think of Min-ji as much, which is why I picked Hye-seon without any hesitation.” As for their current standing, neither this 36-year-old Changwon LG Sakers shooting guard nor this 26-year-old Silicon Valley startup intern have explicitly clarified their relationship status as of writing. Yet, one of the former’s recent social media posts (as seen above), along with their mutual likes plus subtle comments in other uploads, do indicate they’ve maintained a close, maybe even romantic, bond to this day.

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