Si-eun and Min-woo: Are the Single’s Inferno Couple Still Together?

Since every relationship needs some time to build without distractions, reality dating shows wherein the cast is essentially tucked away from the outside world often produce the best romances. Among them is none other than Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno,’ with its third installment’s Yu Si-eun and Choi Min-woo actually being the epitome of a complex, happy, and healthy couple. So now, if you wish to learn more about them — with a focus on their stint in this original, their emotional progression, as well as their current standing — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Si-eun and Min-woo’s Single’s Inferno Journey

Although Min-woo’s initial attraction upon stepping foot into Inferno was toward Kim Gyi-ri and An Min-Young, everything changed for him in the ensuing two days as he got to know Si-eun upon consistently being left behind on the island. That’s when they began getting to know one other, and he was utterly glad she was a bit more bubbly as she managed to get him to open up a little about who he really is — she essentially provided him with a comforting presence to help him get out of his shell. This is what actually soon led them to develop feelings for one another too.

But alas, Si-eun and Min-woo’s timing never matched — they wanted to head on over to Paradise together from Day 3 or 4 itself, but they continued missing one another for various reasons. Either the other had already been picked by someone else, or it was completely out of the question for them to even get an opportunity to choose; this way, they missed each other in Inferno, too. In fact, they both went to Paradise twice — while the former’s partners were Son Won-ik and Park Min-kyu, respectively, the latter had Cho Min-ji plus Kim Gyu-ri in the most unexpected manner.

All this eventually led Min-woo to get a bit confused too — he felt attracted to Gyu-ri all over again — only to soon have a short one-on-one conversation with Si-eun and realize he’d already found his partner. It was on Day 7, following a match of chicken fights for Paradise date amid the women, where she lost, that this duo decided to turn their Inferno into Paradise, meaning they wanted to spend time here only instead of waiting to do so. They abided by the no-age and no-profession rule, but they discussed almost everything else to really understand their compatibility and move forward.

Min-woo’s decision to let Gyu-ri know the truth the following night honestly didn’t go very well, yet he never once waivered in his emotions or let her influence him in any manner. This conversation did take extremely long as they went around in circles, but Si-eun candidly expressed she trusted him with everything, only for it to be reciprocated in every way. He later told her that although he was once curious about Gyu-ri, he now had his eyes set on her, and she had nothing to worry about, just for her to cheekily reply that she wasn’t anyway.

Si-eun and Min-woo Are Likely Still Together

With how everything went down between Si-eun and Min-woo, it’s honestly no surprise they chose one another on decision day — Son Won-ik also chose her, but she’d already made her feelings clear; she liked the latter only as a friend. In the end, this couple walked out of Inferno and into the real world hand in hand, and from what we can tell, both this 27-year-old freelance model as well as the 23-year-old professional model seem to be perfectly content with their lives at the moment.

Neither Si-eun nor Min-woo has made their personal standing clear as of writing, yet they could just be keeping their relationship on the down low for stability owing to their recent rise in the public eye. Their social media platforms don’t reveal any clue either, not in terms of mutual follows, subtle likes, or cheeky comments, but we’re honestly still rooting for them considering everything they went through. In other words, until they explicitly state otherwise, we believe Si-eun nor Min-woo are still together.

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