Lee Ray DeWilde From Alone: All We Know About Him

Image Credits: History Channel

In the uninhabitable cold and precarious conditions of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, several participants try to survive and beat the challenges set by nature on The History Channel survival show, ‘Alone,’ which is the ultimate battle of wills. In its 10th season since its first premiere in 2015, the reality show follows the self-documented journey of ten people in severe weather conditions.

Lee Ray DeWilde is one of the ten contestants in season 10 who attempt to defy the obstacles set by nature with his experience and knowledge of many years. If you are intrigued by his personality and are curious to learn more about the reality television star, you’re at the right place. Here’s all you need to know about Lee Ray DeWilde!

Lee Ray’s Life: Ethnic Heritage and Wilderness Skills

Born and raised in the Alaskan waters of the Yukon, Koyukuk and Huslia rivers, Lee Ray DeWilde’s formative years were spent in the wilderness. One in 14 children, he was homeschooled and taught to source from nature early on. Unlike his peers, Lee spent more time accruing primitive skills instead of devoting time to classroom knowledge. Lee’s brother, Ricko DeWilde, has also showcased the family’s proficient survival skills on National Geographic Channel’s ‘Life Below Zero.’

Born to a Caucasian father and Native mother, Lee’s childhood consisted of helping his family in moving camps, trapping animals, hunting, gardening, and lumber milling. His secluded upbringing in the village of Huslia in Alaska meant that he didn’t even see another community till he was 15. Later, to explore his horizons and widen his worldview, he left his village to continue his education. After leaving home, he went on to study mechanical engineering. At 59, Lee continues to hone his lifelong skills and understanding of nature by applying them in different ways.

Lee Ray DeWilde’s Profession

Lee Ray DeWilde was only 15 when he first flew in an aircraft and met people from another community. The remarkable experience later propelled him to pick up a similar job and help the people of his village. So, after leaving his household in pursuit of higher education, Lee also managed to get a pilot’s license. Skilled in the art of repairing, managing and flying an aircraft, Lee conducts a one-man operation with his aircraft.

After completing his education, Lee returned to his roots and continued to live with a renewed purpose. An aircraft can be a major asset in the inaccessible terrain that stretches to miles in the Alaskan winter. Lee now owns an aircraft charter business and hopes to use his skills and specialty to serve the people of his village as well. Not just this, Lee’s reason for entering ‘Alone’ also centers on his mission to help his community. By winning the cash prize, Lee hopes to buy a new aircraft that will allow him to assist the people in Alaska more proactively.

DeWilde’s Return to Village Life with Wife and Kids

Lee is married to Lilly DeWilde and has five children and grandchildren as well. Both Lee and Lilly are committed to helping their community and enhancing the way of life in the rudimentary expanse of Alaska. Lee and Lilly married and raised their children in Fairbanks, a fish camp downriver. After their children grew up, the duo decided to shift back to their village and apply their expertise to bring progress to their community.

Lee owns an aircraft charter business, and Lilly is a local high school principal. The duo spends their time with their family and the locale. While Lee’s skills behind aircraft controls allow him to help his community and even his brother, he has also become more aware of the traditions and roots that shape his lineage. So, in addition to serving the people of his village through his work, he also educates the younger generation about their ancestral roots. As such, we wish Lee Ray DeWilde the best and hope he achieves all his personal and professional goals!

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