Lee Si-Won: The Devil’s Plan Contestant is Still a Public Figure and Inventor Today

Image Credit: Lee Si-Won/Instagram

Employing wit and intellect at every turn, twelve participants compete in a series of challenges in Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan’ to win the coveted prize. The game show chronicles the journey of actors, idols, lawyers, and advisors as they seek to work through grueling challenges and figure out solutions to complex problems. The reality television show features an unbridled intensity, further facilitated by the whopping cash prize of 500,000,000 won. Lee Si-Won is one of the participants who has made fans curious with her strategic mindset and deducing skills. So, if you’re also wondering more about her, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Lee Si-Won’s The Devil’s Plan Journey

Having made her mark in the world of entertainment, Lee Si-won decided to embark on a new challenge and discover the heights of her abilities in ‘The Devil’s Plan.’ Using her analytical skills, she managed to prove her abilities as a formidable contender. Having allied with Lee Dong-Jae and Ha Seok-Jin from the get-go, the actress managed to prove her prowess in mind-bending games. Even so, the actress faced obstacles at different junctures. After members of her alliance started getting eliminated, Si-won was ultimately pushed into a corner.

Nevertheless, her tenacity and perseverance pushed her to raise the bar for excellence consistently. She managed to secure the highest number of Pieces repeatedly. This aided her in figuring out the hidden qualities of the Pieces. Subsequently, she figured out the unique structure of the Pieces and realized that more mystery lay ahead. So, while other competitors were racing to get ahead through challenges and accumulating Pieces, Si-Won managed to uncover the intricate details and alignment of the Pieces with her ally Ha-Seok Jin.

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Ultimately, the duo ended up cracking the unique hexagonal shape and construed a plan to get to the bottom of its mystery. After ousting Cho Yeon-Woo from the competition, Ha-Seok Jin and Si-Won entered the prison to find out the secret of ‘The Devil’s Plan.’ In a unique twist, they managed to uncover the hidden lair behind the prison that was veiled by a secret code. Having used her wit and ken at every corner, fans naturally wonder what the actress has been up to outside the Netflix series.

Where is Lee Si-Won Now?

Mapping her journey from Business Administration and Evolutionary Psychology to Entertainment, Si-Won consistently raised the bar for herself. Since her time on the show, she has continued to climb the ladder of success. Inspired by her father’s leadership and entrepreneurial insights as the Chairman of Mensa Korea, Si-Won always wanted to achieve great heights. Naturally, she has continued to work in tandem with her ambitions. Since her time on the show, the ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ actress has been enjoying her time traveling and accruing new experiences.

Si-Won is a voracious reader and even shares her latest reads with fans online. Besides this, the actress recently spent time at the Geumsu River exploring the bounty of nature. On the personal front, the television personality continues to enjoy happiness with her husband. Even though Si-Won likes to keep her relationship and marital life under wraps, it is apparent that she continues to embark on new adventures with her spouse.

With six patents to her name, the Seoul National University alum continues to refine her skills as a media personality and inventor. Si-Won has also gained life-long friendships through her time on the Netflix show and hopes to develop many such bonds. Naturally, we await all the new professional and personal milestones that lie ahead for the television personality.

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