Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb From Unsellable Houses: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Lyndsay Lamb/Instagram

Alleviating frustrated homeowners from stress, ‘Unsellable Houses’ features twins Lindsay Lamb and Leslie Davis on a mission to help homeowners sell seemingly unsellable homes. With expertise in design, construction, and budget, Leslie and Lindsay tackle all kinds of premises with creativity and logic. The heartwarming dynamic of the sister pervades their projects and helps them deliver the kind of houses that prospective buyers look out for.

Since its premiere in 2019, the HGTV home improvement show has enthralled many, garnering a solid fanbase. Gaining the interest of viewers, twins Lindsay and Leslie are pivotal to the show and have made many curious.

Leslie & Lyndsay: A Lifelong Twin Journey

Together since birth, mirror twins Leslie and Lyndsay were born on April 4, 1981, in the state of Ohio. While their journey together preludes their birth, ironically, Leslie and Lyndsay’s mother, Kathy Kuna, had no idea that she was going to give birth to twins. Nevertheless, the twins and their elder sister were brought up in Snohomish, Washington, and have continued to be a pillar for each other. After Leslie and Lyndsay graduated from Snohomish High School, they went on to embark on their careers and carve a niche for themselves in their community. Now 41 years old, Leslie and Lyndsay continue to explore the magnificence of Snohomish, Washington.

Leslie and Lyndsay’s Profession

Even as young women, Leslie and Lyndsay shared the common dream of establishing a store within their local community of Snohomish. However, the duo had initially embarked on different paths. Over the years, Lindsay had worked as a Banker for the Bank of America and was even a Marketing Head for a local company. However, the reality star still wanted to explore the horizons of her abilities. Finally, she decided to give real estate a try in 2008.

Lyndsay decided to kickstart her dreams and established Lyndsay Lamb Real Estate after getting her license. However, when a personal disaster struck in 2013, Lyndsay had to step away from work wholly. Realizing that her sister would want to come back to her company eventually, Leslie decided to take up Lyndsay’s role and held the reigns of the business at the time. The change slowly evolved into a business partnership, and their venture was renamed Lamb & Co.

After a few years in business, Lyndsay and Leslie’s YouTube videos were discovered by High Noon Entertainment, the production house responsible for shows like ‘Fixer Upper,’ and ‘Cake Boss.’  Recognized for their character and unique personas, Lyndsay and Leslie were approached with an idea for a show. Since then, the sisters have starred in four seasons of ‘Unsellable Houses,’ and continue to accrue renown for their work worldwide. While Lyndsay uses her skilled eye for design and interior, Leslie takes the reigns of budgeting and negotiating.

They have also appeared on season 3 of HGTV’s ‘Rock the Block.’ Aside from selling and brokering homes, the duo also offers interior and renovation services through their brand, Lamb & Co. Additionally, the brand offers lifestyle products such as kitchenware, decor, and bath products. The sisters also share a keen eye for clothing and sell apparel through their website.

Leslie and Lyndsay: Married with Children

Synonymous with their booming careers, Leslie and Lyndsay have an equally rewarding personal life. Having met the love of their lives in high school, Leslie and Lyndsay’s husbands aren’t just brothers-in-law but were once college roommates too! Leslie is married to Jacob Davis, and the duo has been together for over twenty years. Similarly, Lyndsay has also shared decades of companionship with her husband, Justin Lamb.

In addition to devoting time to their work, Leslie and Lyndsay are also mothers. Leslie and her husband, Davis, share the parental duties of their three sons, Kyler, Cash, and Cole. As for Lyndsay and Justin, the duo are parents to Miles. With four boys between them, Lyndsay and Leslie often get together with their families to peruse their surroundings and engage in family fun. In 2013, shortly after Lindsay established her business, her son Miles was diagnosed with cancer. Naturally, Lindsay devoted herself to the care of her son and stepped away from her business. This was when Leslie stepped in to help her sister.

After Miles went into remission, the duo ultimately became business partners. Elevating their business and firm, Leslie and Lyndsay have continued to create new milestones in their career. However, they are just as dedicated to their family and themselves. The women consistently take necessary breaks to unwind with their loved ones. Leslie and Lyndsay are also parents to fur babies who also make an appearance on their social media. Naturally, we continue to hope that Leslie and Lyndsay achieve new heights and accelerate in their careers and personal lives.

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