Letterkenny: Do Wayne and Lily End Up Together?

Lily enters the lives of Wayne and his sister Katy in the twelfth season of Hulu’s sitcom ‘Letterkenny.’ Although she arrives at their farm as a photographer on duty, she starts to fancy getting together with Wayne, right after meeting him, without realizing that he is the brother of her new friend. Wayne, at the time, deals with his separation from Rosie, who reconsiders her return to Letterkenny. He realizes that his relationship is currently in a “rocky” phase, setting the stage for a potential union with the guest who is captivated by him. Even though Lily doesn’t back away, becoming the girlfriend of the toughest guy in Letterkenny can be a tough affair for her! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wayne Wants to Stay Stuck

Lily shows up in Letterkenny when Wayne and Rosie’s relationship gets threatened by the latter’s wish to stay in Vancouver. Rosie realizes she is excited to leave Letterkenny and disappointed when she has to return to the town, which convinces her to plan her future away from the place. Further troubling their relationship, Wayne possibly misunderstands that Rosie wants to break up with him when she likely talks about their voices breaking up as she enters a no-signal region. Regardless of the misunderstanding, Wayne decides that he wants to remain in Letterkenny, even if it means getting “stuck” in the town.

If Rosie is adamant about not returning to Letterkenny, she may break up with Wayne for good, which opens the possibility for him to get together with Lily. However, Wayne and Lily getting together is easier said than done. Wayne’s decision to remain exactly where he is may not be acceptable to Lily, who has been dreaming of moving to Mexico. At the end of the day, Lily is just a visitor/guest who is having a good time in Letterkenny. She is celebrating her life in the town immensely but when whatever fascinates her becomes a routine, Letterkenny may not be the place where she would want to settle down.

Even if Lily’s wish to move to Mexico is an impractical dream, she may want to leave Letterkenny for good when her photoshoot assignments conclude. Since Wayne doesn’t want anyone else to become the toughest guy in the town, she also may not be able to do what Rosie fails to do.

A Temporary Union

Furthermore, Lily may not even want a long-term commitment with Wayne. She is seemingly in Letterkenny to forget her troubles with her boyfriend and have a good time. The photographer can be approaching Wayne to have a short-lived relationship which she can easily forget once she drives away from the rustic town. After dealing with her conflicts with her boyfriend, she may want a partner with whom she can have some fun without worrying about what will happen to them in the future. Considering that Wayne believes Rosie broke up with him, he may nod yes to a short-lived togetherness with Lily because of his vulnerability.

There’s also the possibility of Rosie returning to Wayne’s life. After staying away from Wayne for a while, she may start to value her time with him in Letterkenny in a different way. Their reunion after a considerable while may turn out to be an exciting prospect for Rosie to consider. If that’s the case, the chances of Wayne choosing her over Lily are extremely high. Having said that, one cannot rule out Lily deciding to remain in Letterkenny and forming a relationship with Wayne outrightly. She has been enjoying her life in the town and a lot happens in Letterkenny for one to be entertained and occupied. If Katy can convince her new friend to consider moving to the town instead of Mexico, she does stand a chance to hit it off with Wayne.

Although ‘Letterkenny’ concludes with its twelfth season, the viewers can anticipate a tidbit or two about Wayne and his relationship status in the upcoming third season of ‘Shoresy,’ a spin-off series of the sitcom.

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