Lidia Morel: The Family Chantel Star Recently Broke-Up

TLC’s ‘The Family Chantel‘ is a show that has introduced us to many intriguing people who have been able to capture our attention thanks to their actions, whether positive or negative. Consider Lidia Morel, mother to Pedro Jimeno Jr, whose appearance in the show was often against her son’s partner, Chantel Everett, and her family. However, in the recent episodes of the ‘90 Day Fiancé’ spinoff, we get to see more of her love life, which has naturally left the world curious about just who the reality TV star might be dating at present.

Lidia Morel’s Ex-Husband and Kids

First and foremost, we would like to discuss Pedro Jimeno Sr, who is the father of Pedro Jimeno Jr (the star of ‘The Family Chantel’) and Nicole Jimeno. The couple’s relationship apparently started with Jimeno Sr and Lidia meeting when the latter was walking back home from school. However, what Lidia had apparently not known at the time was that her partner was already married and had a wife and other kids.

Pedro Jimeno Jr

Lidia claimed that this was on par with how things worked in the Dominican Republic and that she appreciated how Jimeno Sr would provide for her and her kids. Leading a double life, there came a time when Jimeno Sr decided to bid Lidia and her two children farewell. “I remember the last time I had contact with him was March 2010, and I remember he gave me 5,000 pesos. And since then, I’ve never had contact with him again,” she shared. “I let it go because when you are done with a relationship, I’m the kind of person who will not chase after you.” Pedro Jimeno Jr tried to find some more answers and ended up meeting one of his biological brothers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Lidia Morel’s Ex-Boyfriend

In ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ season 3, the world got to see a new side of Lidia Morel as her romance with Scott Wern became public news. The man in question is from Florida, and the relationship came about after almost 12 years of Lidia being single following her separation from Pedro Jimeno Jr. The two were seemingly introduced to each other by Alejandro Padron, Nicole Jimeno’s former partner, and communicated for the first part of their relationship via the Internet.

From the very start, this seemed like a relationship that broke the conventions. While Lidia did speak English, Scott was also unable to converse in Spanish. This meant that the two could only communicate with each other via a translation application, which certainly made for some interesting conversations. Scott did seem hung up on his former Colombian girlfriend, whom he would often mention, and even broke up with Lidia in order to go back to being with his former partner.

With their reappearance in ‘The Family Chantel’ season 5 as a couple, Lidia and Scott were back together, though not for long. Nicole had seemingly asked one of her friends to spy on her mother’s partner, which seemed to provide evidence that Scott was trying to get the numbers of other women while on the poolside. When Jimeno Jr tried to confront him about it, it led to a physical altercation. Scott later told Lidia about the same, though when she confronted her son about it, she got to hear both sides. Furious, Lidia went to Scott, leading to a heated argument held via voice translation application, with the former ultimately breaking up with the Florida man.

Is Lidia Morel Dating Anyone?

Since her recent on-screen breakup with Scott Wern, it does not look like Lidia Morel has entered a new relationship. The significant gap between her last two relationships does indicate that being single is far from something that bothers the reality TV star. That said, it is also evident that she is ready to explore her love life and hopefully find a partner she might just find her forever future with. Of course, dating Lidia also means a certain amount of fame for her future partner, though who that person might be remains a question for a later date.

If Lidia is indeed dating anyone, she had certainly kept the details of the same under wraps. However, given her happiness in talking about her life updates with the world, we are more inclined to believe that the mother of two is now single. Any doubts about the end of her relationship with Scott could be laid to rest by the fact that she does not follow him on Instagram, indicating that things did not get much better between the two following their heated bilingual argument.

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