She’s Obsessed With My Husband: Is it Inspired by a True Story?

The Doug Campbell directorial, Lifetime’s ‘She’s Obsessed With My Husband,’ is a thrilling tale about Violet and her decades-long lingering feelings for her high school sweetheart, Garrett Hawkins. Even though the couple gets separated by ill fate, Violet clings on to her obsessive feelings and love for the charming boy in hopes of crossing his paths again. Her patience prevails as, after more than two long decades, 40-year-old Violet gets an opportunity to move in next door to his jilted lover, who is now married to a lovely woman, and grabs on to it without a second thought.

On a mission to make her way back into Garrett’s life, Violet is hell-bent on causing problems in his married life and eventually destroying it so that she can take her place as his wife. The thriller film is led by the compelling performance of Alissa Filoramo, who is joined by a host of other talented actors in supporting roles, including Matthew Pohlkamp, Aryè Campos, Taylor Castro, Sharlize True, Cj Hammond, and Andrew Ghai. Through the character of Violet, the makers allude to real-life people with obsessive tendencies and bring an element of authenticity to the tale.

She’s Obsessed With My Husband is a Work of Fiction

No, ‘She’s Obsessed With My Husband’ is not based on a true story. The gripping storyline can be credited to the creative mind of David Chester, the screenwriter who has previously worked on thrillers like ‘Lies My Sister Told Me,’ ‘Swim Instructor Nightmare,’ ‘Designed for Death,’ ‘Marriage Killer,’ and ‘Dying to be a Cheerleader.’ Thanks to his experience in the industry and excellent writing skills, David was able to weave an enthralling yet seemingly realistic screenplay for the Lifetime film.

As unfortunate as it sounds, obsessive lovers have made headlines for the wrong reasons throughout the years in real life as well. For instance, in 2020, Amie Harwick‘s former abusive boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse came back into her life, eight years after they broke up, and ended up killing her by throwing her off the balcony of her house in February 2020. Thus, it is natural for you to find certain themes and instances in ‘She’s Obsessed With My Husband’ linked with reality and assume that it might be adapted from a real-life event.

Another reason you might find the film familiar is that the subject matter has been a part of numerous movies and TV shows over the years, including the Michael Douglas starrer ‘Fatal Attraction.’ Directed by Adrian Lyne, the 1987 psychological thriller movie centers upon a married man named Dan Callagher who gets involved in a steamy affair with Alex Forrest. When Alex becomes obsessed with Dan, she sets out to destroy the latter’s marriage and have him all to herself, which is similar to what Violet does in the Lifetime film. Thus, in conclusion, it would be safe to say that despite having some realistic themes and elements, it doesn’t change the fact that ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ is not rooted in reality.

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