She’s Obsessed with My Husband: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

With director Doug Campbell at the helm, ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ is a Lifetime thriller that centers around Garret Hawkins and his family, while his ex-girlfriend from high school turns their world upside down to be with him again. Violet and Garret had dated in high school for a little while; decades later Garret recognizes her immediately when she moves in next door to him. With both of them now in their forties, Garret is pleasantly surprised to see someone from his high school days and begins to invite her over. Little does he know that Violet has deliberately become his neighbor, obsessing over him and planning to replace his wife.

Daisy, Garret’s wife, is cautious of Violet given her killer good looks, but her husband puts her mind at ease. The ex-girlfriend’s plan unfolds meticulously, from drugging Daisy and misplacing their funds, to staging a crime scene, she will do whatever it takes to be with her high school sweetheart again. The film takes us to a stunning coastal city where the Hawkins live, with much of the suspense revolving around their quaint suburban neighborhood. The movie’s backdrop is likely to generate questions about the intriguing filming sites it employs.

Where Was She’s Obsessed with My Husband Filmed?

‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband’ was filmed entirely within the territories of Los Angeles County, California. Principal photography began in early June 2023 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by June 21 of the same year. During this phase, the movie was tentatively titled ‘My Husband’s Ex.’ The cast and crew seem to have really enjoyed their time together behind the scenes, and actress Aryè Campos took to social media to share their shenanigans. “Had the honor to work for a second time with (Doug Campbell) as my director along with an amazing cast and crew!” she wrote in the caption of a video she shared online. Let us venture to the filming sites chosen by the Lifetime production to bring their thrilling story to life.

Los Angeles County, California

In the heart of Southern California, Los Angeles County became the comprehensive filming location for ‘She’s Obsessed with My Husband.’ Containing some of the most sought-after filming sites in the world, Los Angeles County offers filmmakers a kaleidoscope of settings, from sprawling urban metropolises to picturesque coastal vistas and scenic mountain ranges. With an eclectic cityscape for building their narrative around, the film crew had a bountiful range of suburban neighborhoods to choose from for their backdrop.

In cinematic landscape shots at the beginning of the film, we are treated to a gorgeous view of a beach stretching into the distance with a road running parallel to it. This is actually a shot from the beach city of Malibu. Located to the west of Los Angeles with its pristine shores, dramatic cliffs, and crystal-clear waters, Malibu’s coastal expanse overflows with unparalleled natural beauty. With various structures propped up on stilts at the edge of the beach, the region possesses an air of palpable nostalgia as many of its locales have remained largely unchanged since the 1960s.

From the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu to the rugged mountains of the Angeles National Forest, Los Angeles County offers filmmakers a diverse range of scenic vistas to capture on camera. The presence of a supportive film industry, an endless supply of film properties, and a seasoned talent pool have made the region a home for Lifetime movies. Some of their other thrillers shot here include, ‘A Roommate to Die For,’ ‘Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny,’ ‘Secrets in the Desert,’ and ‘One Night Stand Murder.’

She’s Obsessed with My Husband Cast

Basking in the spotlight, actress Alissa Filoramo essays the beguiling Violet. With plenty of experience starring in Lifetime movies, Alissa can be spotted in ‘Haunted by My Stalker,’ ‘A Nurse to Die For,’ ‘Nightmare PTA Moms,’ and ‘How to Live Your Best Death.’ Stepping into the role of Garret is Matthew Pohlkamp. Matthew is also a Lifetime regular, having an interest in acting in addition to his passion for BMX bicycle racing, in which he is credited with a world title. You may have also seen him in ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous,’ ‘Silent Night, Fatal Night,’ ‘Goosebumps,’ and ‘The Kept Mistress Killer.’

Starring alongside him is Brazil-born actress Aryè Campos. Acting from the age of six, Aryè’s TV credits include shows and films like ‘S.W.A.T,’ ‘Beyond Belief,’ ‘Workaholics,’ ‘Rio Connection,’ and ‘Passport to Freedom.’ The film’s supporting cast members include Taylor Castro as Allison Hawkins, Sharlize True as Young Violet, Cj Hammond as Detective Cortez, Andrew Ghai as Oliver, Zach De Nardi as Miles, Jessica Ceaser as Gina, and Julie A. Harris as Claudia.

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